[Download] Cimon Xpanel Designer “Cimon HMI” Software Free (Google Drive)

CIMON was Established in 1999. CICON is an Industrial Automation and Manufacturer Company in the World. This company produces PLC, HMI, “HMI+PLC”, and Industrial PC, also Gives the Service SCADA and automation SolutionsCimon High-Quality, Low Power and Heat, High Brightness, and Vivid Color HMIs. Software X-Panel Designer V2.53 is the Latest Version of Windows-based Screen Designing Tools of CIMON All series HMIs. X-Panel Designer Software has many powerful features including, Unlimited tag Database/Graphics Library objects/ Easily Interface Communication Drivers, etc. However, today I would like to share the Cimon Xpanel Cimon HMI Software (Google Drive) with you also how to download the Xpanel designer software and install it.

Supported “Models”:

Cimon XPanel Software Supports Cimon XT05S, XT06C, XT08C, XT10C, XT12C, XT04C, XT07C, XT05M,  XT15C, XT10CC, XT07C-R, CM-NP/iNP, CM-NP/iNP-R HMIs.

Supported Operating System Cimon HMI:

  1. Microsoft Windows: XP
  2. Microsoft Windows: 7
  3. Microsoft Windows: 8
  4. Microsoft Windows: 8.1
  5. Microsoft Windows: 10

Cimon HMI Software “Setup” System Xpanel Designer:

+Double click the software Eng_XpanelDesigner_Ver2.53_Setup_R202 then click yes.

+License agreement for CIMON Co. Ltd so Select I Accept Agreement and Click Run.

+Choose Destination Location & Click >Next.

+Ready to install X-panel Designer so click >Install

+CIMON X-PANEL Installing Running

+Select font type and add or OK.

+Install Shield Wizard Complete so click the Finish.

+After Installation & check the software Versions.

>>>> Download Google Drive Link.

We have given the software link [Download] Cimon Xpanel Cimon HMI Software (Google Drive) So please click on the link to download the required software.

+ [Download] X-Panel Designer_V2.53 CIMON HMI Software

>>>>Download X Panel Designer another Link:


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