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[Download] DWIN DGUS Download- DWIN HMI Software Latest Version V7.6

DWIN DGUS Software is a graphics application service software created by DWIN, as well as an innovative intelligent GUI software that was independently developed by its company. The DGUS solution is known as the DWIN Graphic Utility/Utilized Software. This graphic design software is developed specifically for the DGUS TFT family with the k600+ processor. This software provides a graphical development interface that is easy to comprehend and has a logical flow. It also offers a wide range of common controls, making GUI development possible without any coding requirement. The brain behind this remarkable software is Beijing DWIN Technology Co., Ltd. However, today we are going to showing the DWIN DGUS Download DWIN HMI Software V7.6 with you, also how to download the DWIN DGUS Software.

About DWIN Technology Co. Ltd

DWIN, a technology company founded at Zhongguancun in Beijing, was established in 2003. DWIN technology company is also known as “China’s Silicon Valley.” Over the years, DWIN has experienced remarkable growth, with an average annual rate of 65%. To cater to its expanding customer base, the company has set up regional marketing and support centers not only in Beijing, but also in other Chinese cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Additionally, DWIN has expanded its reach internationally, with centers in countries such as India, Poland, Brazil, and the United States. This extensive network allows DWIN to serve customers from all around the world.

DWIN’s main objective is to revolutionize our lives through technology. They continuously strive to provide value for their customers, always keeping in mind their motto of “Achieve Double Win, Grow Together”. Their ultimate aim is to become a widely recognized science and technology enterprise by society. The company firmly believes in a “win-win” business philosophy, which has led them to focus on human-machine interaction (HMI) solutions. This strategic approach has enabled DWIN to expand their expertise from the R&D application of developing intelligent liquid crystal modules (LCM) to designing CPUs and integrating various technologies across the entire industry chain.

One of their significant achievements was the release of their first application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for HMI, named T5, in 2017. The success continued as they mass-produced T5L1 and T5L2 in 2019. In the next year (2020), they launched T5L0, a low-cost version of T5. The popularity of these products is evident as DWIN has shipped millions of units based on T5 and T5L so far.

In addition to their focus on HMI solutions, DWIN also recognizes the importance of staying updated with the latest trends on the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2018, they successfully introduced the DWIN Cloud Platform, a cloud development platform that offers innovative and efficient AIoT solutions. This platform allows users to enjoy better remote-control capabilities and efficient data management. DWIN has assembled a team of intelligent manufacturing R&D engineers dedicated to enhancing the automation and intelligence levels of production lines. With this commitment to improving the manufacturing process, DWIN continues to position itself as a leader in the industry.

Furthermore, with the utilization of the ERP system, DWIN has not only achieved scientific, efficient, and highly standardized management of their multi-dimensional industrial chain, but also transformed their technical advantages into market advantages. This system has been independently developed by DWIN and continuously improved to meet their specific needs. As a result, DWIN has excelled in the exploration of various fields such as industrial automation, medical and beauty, and new energy. Their efforts have garnered the trust and support of a substantial customer base, reaching a staggering 60,000 customers.

Features of DGUS Software DWIN HMI Software

+The latest version of the DGUS software, DGUS V7.6, consists of 15 touch controls and 28 display controls allowing users to easily implement functions such as rotation adjustment, partial brightness adjustment, icon animation, icon superposition, curve display, and music playback by some simple steps.

+The software is compatible with TFT modules that have a UART interface, making it suitable for both consumer and industrial applications, even in harsh environments. With a set of unified commands and software utilities, users can quickly create complex Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) in true color.

+The DGUS software is built with high-quality materials and has an accurate layout to improve stability, even in critical conditions.

+The core of the device is the k600+ processor, which is enclosed in a metal case. Additionally, the entire board is covered with three layers of protective paint to ensure durability.

+To enhance mechanical hardness, the design includes anti-vibration and shock absorption features.

+The device undergoes an aging test to guarantee the best quality and reliability.

+The software simplifies the creation of stunning display effects by requiring minimal programming effort.

+The software includes variables that can be defined using the included software, DGUS_SDK. This allows users to freely design the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

+All parameters and images can be easily downloaded to the device using an SD card, which stores the corresponding .bin files for transforming the project into a functional application.

+The range of available TFTs is extensive, ranging from 3.5″ to 15″ and encompassing industrial, standard, ruggedized, low-cost, and HD types.

+The DGUS software development provides users with the capability to create customized graphical user interfaces on their PC to meet the specific requirements of their applications.

+With just a few steps, users can initiate a new project, configure hardware parameters, insert background images, add buttons, sliders, and fonts, and apply functions to each object.

+The structure of the interface created using the DGUS software is saved on the SD card and can be easily transferred to the TFT module, allowing it to be ready for use.

How to DGUS Software download?

To download the DGUS software from the DWIN website, please follow the steps below:

+Step 1: Open your preferred web browser.

+Step 2: Go to the DWIN website by entering “https://www.dwin-global.com” in the address bar.

+Step 3: Once on the DWIN website, navigate to the “Downloads” section under “TOOL” Menu or click here- DWIN DGUS V7.645


+Step 4: Look for the DGUS software and click on the download button.

+Step 5: Choose the appropriate version of the software for your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

+Step 6: Wait for the software to download to your computer.

+>>You can also download the software from “plchmiservo.com” website by clicking on “DGUS Software Google drive link” and wait for downloading the Software.

What is Dwin T5L?

DWIN Technology Co., Ltd has developed the T5L series ASIC, which is a highly efficient and compact integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for AIOT applications. This ASIC offers low power consumption, excellent cost performance, a user-friendly graphical user interface, and extensive application integration. The T5L series includes two versions, namely T5L1 (with low resolution) and T5L2 (with high resolution). These two versions were introduced to the market in January 2019 and quickly gained popularity among customers. In July 2020, DWIN successfully launched T5L0, a cost-effective version with 18-bit color reduction capabilities. Building on its success, DWIN released T5L3, a multimedia version, in 2021.

Features of T5L

+T5L1 and T5L2

T5L1 and T5L2 are two different models of the T5L series, with each model designed to cater to different display resolutions. The T5L1 model utilizes a 55nm process, while the T5L2 model utilizes a 40nm process, ensuring optimal cost performance for users. The T5L1 model features 1Mbytes Flash, 1Mbytes SRAM, and 3Mbytes VRAM, with a maximum resolution of 1366*768 and 24-bit color. On the other hand, the T5L2 model features 1Mbytes Flash, 1.5Mbytes SRAM, and 6Mbytes VRAM, with a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 and 24-bit color.

+T5L series include an LQFP128 package and an operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

+CPU performance features 

1. T5L series operate on a dual 8051 core with a frequency of 350MHz.

2. T5L series also feature an arithmetic unit with 64-bit MDU and JPEG hardware acceleration that offer higher cost performance and lower power consumption.

+Display performance features

1. T5L series include a 200MPPS JPEG hardware decoder. Displaying a full-screen picture in 800*600 resolution only requires 5mS.

2. They also provide full hardware 2D acceleration and have a video memory bandwidth of 2.4GBytes/S.

3. The UI interface has been upgraded from text interaction to icon and animation interaction. The UI interface is compressed and stored by JPEG, increasing storage density by more than 10 times and reducing storage costs.


1. Integrating an 8-channel 1MSPS 12bitAD and a 4-channel 1GHz 16bitPWM. This integration is beneficial for touch screen, music, and voice recognition applications.

2. Including a long-line FSK transceiver with a rate of up to 100Mbps, allowing for remote and high-speed networking applications.

3. Featuring 5 full-duplex UARTs, 1 CAN interface, and 20 IOs.


1. T5L0 is featured with an >18-bit low-cost version of T5L1.

2. Utilizing 40nm process.

3. Featuring 1Mbytes Flash, 3Mbytes VRAM, 1Mbytes SRAM with the maximum resolution of 1024*768 and 18-bit color.


1. T5L3 includes <Dual 8051+32bit DSP+VPU+> built-in Flash and DDR.

2. Supports 2K HD streaming media playback with the maximum 4096*2048 resolution and 24-bit display.

3. Enriched with several peripherals such as UART, USB, ADC, MIPI, RTC, 24bit audio DAC, CAN, etc.

DWIN DGUS Download Google Drive Link

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+Download DWIN DGUS software download V7.6 Latest

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