[Download] CoolMayHMI-V5 “CoolMay HMI” Software Free (100% Real)

CoolMay is a Chinese HMI and   CoolMayHMI V5.92 is the screen editor and designing software for Coolmay HMI. This software is Developed by Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd and It was established in 2006 in china. Coolmay HMI is a high-performance low price Human Machine Interface (HMI), Easy to operate and programming is very easy. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the CoolMayHMI V5 CoolMay HMI Software (100% Real) and also how to download Coolmay HMI Programming software and install it.

CoolMay HMI Software Supports

MT6070H/ MT6043H/ MT6043HV/ MT9037HV/ MT6070HV/ MT6037H/ MT6080H/ MT6150H/ MT6100HA/ MT6100HAV/ MT6185H/ MT6185HV/SoftOP

“PC Requirements”:

+CPU: P3, minimum 500MHz or Above

+Memory: 128 MB or more

+Graphics Card: 8 MB or More

+Hard Disk: 4G or Above

+Others: Keyward, Mouse, USB port/RS232/Ethernet

Supported “Operating System”CoolMay HMI V5.92:

CoolMayHMI V5.92 is compatible with Microsoft Windows operation System (32/64 bit versions).

  1. Microsoft Windows NT
  2. Windows/XP
  3. Windows /7
  4. Windows /8
  5. Windows /10

Software Setup System CoolMay HMI V5.92:

Coolmay HMI Software Download from our website then Double click on the software CoolMayHMI V5.92EN then click yes.

Welcome to the CoolMayHMI V5.92 Installation Wizard click >Next

“Select Destination Location” & Click Next.

Ready to Install V5.92 So Select >Next.

Installing “CoolMayHMI V5.92EN” So Wait

Installation Complete so Click Exit

After Setup “Coolmay HMI” Software Version Check

>>>> CoolMay HMI Software Download Google Drive Link.

We have given the [Download] CoolMayHMI V5 CoolMay HMI Software (100% Real) Google drives link So click on the link to download the Coolmay HMI Programming software.

+ [Download] CoolMay HMI V5.92 CoolMay HMI Software

>>>>Coolmay HMI Programming Software Download Link:


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