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Hi Friends, Frecon is the Chinese Inverter; Frecon Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a Manufacturing/Factory, Trading Company in the World. This Company produces Variable Frequency drives (VFD), Servo Drives, Solar inverters, Industrial robots, etc. Frecon Products are widely used in several sectors such as Textiles Factories, chemicals, Ceramics, Steel, Air compressors, Machine Tools, Solar Energy, and Others Fields. However, Today “plchmiservo.com” would like to share the [Download] Frecon VFD Manual Frecon FR100 AC Drive Manual PDF, also Frecon FR100, FR200, and FR500 VFD User manual, Also How to download the Manual and How to set up the Frecon FR100 inverter, and How to Program by using it manually

Programming Parameter of FRECON FR100 Series VFD:

How to set the FR100 VFD Parameter

First set the parameter

F01.00-Frequency Source Selection,

If Set 0: “Master Frequency Source” select 0

If set 1: Auxiliary Frequency Source

F01.01-Master Frequency Comment Source

0: Motor Digital Setting (F01.02) – Keypad

1: Keypad Potentiometer

2: Analog Input AI1 – Keypad

4: Multi Reference

F01.03-Auxiliary Frequency Comment Source

0: Digital Setting (F01.04), 1: Keypad potentiometer

Then set the Motor Parameter of the FR100 Inverter

F08.01-Power Rating of Motor (KW)-0.75KW

F08.02-Rated Voltage of Motor (V) – 380V

F08.03-Rated Current of Motor (A) – 2.2A

F08.04-Rated Frequency of Motor (HZ)-(50HZ/60HZ

F08.05-Rated Motor Speed (RPM)- 2800 RPM

F01.08-Maximum Frequency-50HZ

F02.00-Run Command, 0: Keypad Control (LED Off), 1: Terminal Control (LED On)

F02.01-Running Direction 0: Forward, 1: Reverse

F03.00-Acceleration Time (10S, the 20S, 30S)

F03.01-Deceleration Time (10S, 15S, the 20S)

If you need to run for Jog Mode

F01.07-Jog Frequency-5HZ, 10HZ/20 HZ, etc.

Digital Input setting for JOG

F04.00-Function of Terminal DI1- FWD Running-1

F04.01-Function of Terminal DI2- Running Reverse-2

F04.02-Function of Terminal DI3- Running Jog FWD-4

F04.03-Function of Terminal DI4- Running Jog REV-5

F04.15-FWD/REV Terminal control mode (No Need)

If you want to run the Frecon VFD FR100 Multi-Function then you need to set the parameter

F01.01-Master Frequency Source-4

F04.00-Function of Terminal-DI1-13

F04.01-Function of Terminal-DI2-14

F04.02-Function of Terminal-DI3-15

F04.03-Function of Terminal-DI4-16

Then set the Parameter Group F12 Multi Reference

 F12.00: Reference 0- For Example-0Hz

F12.01: Reference 1- For Example-5Hz

F12.02: Reference 2- For Example-10Hz

F12.03: Reference 3- For Example-20Hz


F12.15: Reference 15- For Example-100Hz

>>>Google Drive Link FRECON All Series Inverter>>>

We have given below Frecon VFD Manual Frecon FR100 AC Drive Manual google drive link, also Frecon FR200 & FR500 VFD Manual Link, so click on the link to download the Frecon VFD Manual.


+ [Download] Frecon VFD Manual Frecon FR100 AC Drive Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sc6VjXAes2ntTuTw-8Fbpgk17aHdYkQ4/view?usp=sharing


+ [Download] Frecon VFD Manual Frecon FR200  Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z-E-O-XV_7aL-hXDjAvo_ryLyHucUsDO/view?usp=sharing


+ [Download] Frecon VFD Manual Frecon FR500 Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rAQv1Pekz927jUL4-5adR4UsYFaq3PjH/view?usp=sharing

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