[Download] iWatch-V1.23 “HCFA” Servo Software Free (Google Drive)

iWatch V1.23 is the Programming software of HCFA Servo Drives. This Software is the Chinese Language. Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/ windows 10.

This software has 32 bit and 64 Bit we download 64-bit software and extract the software then click iWatch 64 bit OS and click Yes.

Welcome to the iWatch Installer so click Next.

Select iWatch License Agreement and Click Next.

Write User Details and Click Next.

Select Installation Folder and Click Next.

Select Installation Shortcut and Click next to continue

Now ready to install iWatchV1.23 so click next.

When Installation is successful install then click finish

>>>Download Google Drive Link :

+ [Download] iWatch_V1.23 HCFA Servo Software-64 bit

>>>Download Link:


>>>Download Link:

 + [Download] iWatch_V1.23 “HCFA Servo” Software-32 bit


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