About me

I am a professional automation engineer. I have more than 10 years of industrial automation job experience. I am engaged in this automation profession for a long time. I have long experience in PLC HMI Inverter Servo drive (Industrial Control System). I have worked on basically all types of PLC brands, such as Siemens Delta Mitsubishi Panasonic LS Immortality. I have also worked on many more brands and have worked on different styles this time around. My primary purpose is to create this website for automation engineers or those who have a deep interest in automation in the world of automation and those who want to build a career in this automation. I always work tirelessly for the plchmiservo.com website. And there is a lot of information about the survey that is only prepared for those interested in knowing about the industrial controlling system. Can download the controlling software. Through my website, he can easily download various software using different PLC HMI and all drive links and use it on his PLC as per his need. Or HMI or Servo Drive, and through this website, I would like to be right next to the automation learners. My tireless work will be rewarded if the automation engineers or industrialists get benefits through this website (https://plchmiservo.com).