[DIY/Cable] FP0 PLC-“Panasonic PLC” RS232 Programming Cable

The Compact size PLC Panasonic is more used to small Machines/panels especially Packaging Machines. Program Upload/Download/Troubleshooting Panasonic Old Models PLC has a Built-in (RS-232) port and New Models USB & Ethernet port.  So Friends Today I would like to share with everyone how to make an FP0 PLC Panasonic RS232 Programming Cable. This will save you costs, and help you work

Preparation Items

+01: DB9-Female >>>> Computer Site

+02: MiniDIN 5Pin-Male >>>>PLC Site

Cable Making “Procedure”

According to the Diagram, You can solder the Panasonic PLC/HMI Programming cable. 

Thanks and Best Regards!