[Download] Hitech HMI Manual Hitech HMI to All PLC Connection Manual Guide

Brand Hitech Produces PWS Series, X2, iX2, E1000 Series, Exter & QTERM Series HMIs. Now Hitech the Old Series HMI Production Stopped for a long time. New iX2/X2 Series Hitech HMI Has Most Advanced Functions. Hi-tech is the Top Efficient, High Longevity, and Reasonable Price Strong & Smart Human Machine Interface (HMI). Today I want to tell you How to make an Interface Cable Between HMI to PLC, Here plchmiservo.com has shared many brands of HMIs Manual With You. So please check manuals (Tx, Rx, GND/SG, etc) then Make the Interface cable between Hitech HMI to Another PLC. Suppose Delta PLC RS232 Communication PLC Side Pinout 4 (Rx), 5 (Tx), 8 (GND). plchmiservo.com would like to share the Hitech HMI Manual “Hitech” HMI-All PLC Connection Manual HMI to PLCs.

Connection Diagram

>>>>>Hitech HMI COM1, COM2, COM3 Pinout

“PDF Download”

>>>>Hitech HMI Manual Hitech HMI-All PLC Connection Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14uho_FxZoK-pQBNhgHoTwqML9P8O_qjo/view?usp=sharing

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