[Download] MCGS HMI Software V6.8 English Version-Real (Google Drive)

MCGS HMI Software has Three Versions, such as General, Embedded Version, and MCGS Online. The Embedded Version software MCGS V6.8 is used to program MCGS HMI. This Software Developed by Beijing Kunlun tongtai Automation Software Technology Co., Ltd. MCGS HMI Software offers Almost all functions and Rich Library.
MCGS Embedded software supports animations, alarms, Formula & multi-language Functions, and Display in v6.8.
McgsTpc HMI Used in various industries such as Textile Machinery, Rubber Industry Machines, Power, Printing and Packaging Machines, Glass Machinery, Environmental Protection Equipments, HVAC, etc.

MCGS V6.8 is the Screen Designing software for MCGS HMI and This HMI is a Chinese HMI. So it software support the Chinese Language but Now MCGS Developed English Version Software. MCGS HMI Lower cost and high-performance HMI also MCGS HMI has Highly Protection systems.

So Today I would like to share the MCGS English Version software with you

Supported Windows (OS) of the Software MCGS 6.8

McgsTpc HMI software is windows based software so MCGS V6.8 Software supports

+Microsoft Windows XP

+Microsoft Windows 7 and Required to Minimum RAM 2GB, Recommended 4/8 GB, Processor Pentium4 2.0 GHz or Above

+Microsoft Windows 8 Need RAM 2GB, Recommended 4GB / 8GB

+Microsoft Windows 10 Required RAM 4GB But Recommended Above & Processor Pentium4 3.0 GHz or Above

+Required Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse and USB, Ethernet, and RS232 Ports.

Supported “Models” of MCGS Software Version 6.8:








>>>>Download Google Drive Link.

+ [Download] MCGS_V6.8 MCGS HMI Software

>>>>Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tvngLTf8vpd-eCtgiMTCkpw8ifb7MrMB/view?usp=sharing

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