[Download] Software Pharao-V2.70 “Theben” PLC Software-Real

Software Theben Pharao V2.70 is used to program Thaben PLC. Theben Pharao is a small Programmable Logic Controller Used in, Home Automation, Lighting systems, and other Various Industries.

Supported “Models/Series” of Theben PHARAO V2.70:  

  • PHARAO All series
  • PHARAO-2  all series

Supported OS of “PHARAO V2.70”:

  1. MSWinXP
  2. MS Win -7
  3. MS Win8
  4. MS Win 10

Software ‘Setup system Theben Pharao’:

+Step01: Open the Software and Click Installer

+Step02: Click License Version V2.70

+Step03: Click>Setup

+Step04: Click Next to Continue.

+Step05:  Select the Language then click Next.

+Step06: Now Destination Location and click Next.

+Step07: Select Program Folder or Click Next.

+Step08: Select OK

+Step09: Yes I want to restart my PC and Click Finish

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+ [Download] THEBEN PHARAO_V2.70 PHARAO PLC Software

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