[Download] Drive CM-V0.82 LS Servo Software Free (Google Drive)

Software Drive CM Ver0.82 is used to program LS Servo Drive Including L7NH, LS L7P INDEXER, and LS PEGASUS Servo Drive, Whatever, we will share the software [Download] Drive CM V0.82 LS Servo Software (Google Drive) link to download the required software in this section. Supports the various function of servo drives such as Programming, Parameter Setting, Monitoring, Firmware Upgrade, Fault Find out, etc.

LS Servo Drive is the High-Performance Vector, High Precision, Friendly use, and Cost-effective. LS Servo Drive Supports EtherCAT, Also Supports Various types of Motor and Encoder (Absolute Encoder, Incremental Encoder, etc).

Today I would like to share the LS Servo Software DRIVE CM With you and also Share With you How to Parameter Set, Fault Find, Program upload, Download, etc through the DRIVE CM Software.

Supported Windows of DRIVE CM LS Servo Software and PC Configuration:

Drive CM is the Programming Software of LS Servo Drive, We can easily set up the LS Servo Software our PC, and
Supports the Following Operating Systems.

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows -7 (32 Bit & 64 Bit)
  • Windows -8 (32 Bit & 64 Bit)
  • Windows -10 (32 Bit & 64 Bit)

CPU-Dual Core 2.5 GHz or Higher

RAM-2GB or Higher

PORT-USB ports that support USB 1.0 or Higher (Ethernet, RS-422)

Monitor-18.5 inch.

Setup Process of Drive CM V.0.82 LS Servo Software

we have shared the [Download] Drive CM V0.82 LS Servo Software (Google Drive) link below to download the required software. then uncompressed the Drive CM Software Then Click on 64bit or 32 Bit Setup DRIVE CM. Also, you can Download LS PLC Software here.

Before the Drive CM installation, we need must install the .NET Framework.

+Step 01: After Download and Unzip Software Double click on Setup 32 Bit or 64 Bit

+Step 02: Welcome to the Drive CM Setup Wizard Shown Figure Click Next.

+Step 03: Select the Installation Folder Shown in Figure Click Browse and Select the Drive Click Next.

 +Step 04: Click Next and Wait for Confirmation Installation.

+Step 05: When Drive CM V0.82 has been successfully installed then Click Close.

+Step 06: After Successfully installing we need to restart the computer.

How to Cable/PortCheck:

Open the Software DRIVE CM.

Then Click the Icon and Select the Cable type shown in the figure.

How to Firmware Update of LS Servo Drive by DRIVE CM:

+Open the Software Drive CM Then Click the Setup then Click Firmware Update.

+Click Open firmware downloader.

+Click Load Select the BIN File and click start wait for loading the File.

+Then Click ok.

How to Fault Find out and Reset:

  • Double Click on DRIVE CM Software and Open the software then Go To Fault then click fault history
  • Again Click Fault and click the Fault Alarm Reset

How to Factory Reset:

Click the Setup then Click Return to Factory set and Click Yes click ok.

Programming Cable of LS Servo Drive

For Program Upload/Download need to USB Cable/Ethernet or RS422 Cable.


Before programming and Upload/Download we need to Driver PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1417 we used LAN Cable and then must install LAN Driver.

[Download] Drive CM V0.82 LS Servo Software (Google Drive)

we have attached the software link [Download] Drive CM V0.82 LS Servo Software (Google Drive) to download the required file.

+ [Download] Drive CM_ V0.82 “LS Servo Software”

>>>Download Link:


Thanks for Visiting and Reading Our Content DRIVE CM LS Servo Software, If you need any help with DRIVE CM Software Installation, Software Link not Found, or Program UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD, Then you can contact us via Email or Phone number at +8801713722455.

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