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ENC is a Brand of China. ENC Provides Universal Vector Frequency Inverter, Flux Vector Type Inverter, Mini General Frequency Inverter, and Mini Frequency Inverter. ENC EDS800 Series VFD is a Compact/Universal Type Inverter, and this inverter is manufactured by Shenzhen Encom Electric Technology Co., Ltd. ENC EDS800 Series VFD can fulfill all types of Demand. Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the EDS800 Series, VFD Manual.  This manual is very important where Wiring Diagram, Parameter, Troubleshooting, and Daily Maintenance are available in this manual. So please read the manual properly and properly install & Program the ENC800 VFD In the proper Place.

Connection Wiring Diagram

Programming/Parameter of ENC EDS800 Series VFD

F0-00-Frequency Input Chanel Selection set the Keypad or Terminal, etc

F0-01– Freq. Digit Setting (Lower Limit-Upper Limit Frequency)-0-50HZ

F0-02– Run Command channel Selection- Keypad/Terminal/Communication

F0-03– Run Direction Setting- Forward/Reverse

F0-04– Acc/Dec Selection Mode

F0-07– Acceleration and Deceleration time unit- Second/Minuit

See the figure Model Description

F0-08-Acce Time 1-(0.01 Sec-6000.0)

P0-18-Dece Time 1-(0.01 Sec-600.0)

F0-10– Upper Limit Freq. 0-400HZ -50HZ

F0-11– Lower Limit Freq. -0HZ

See the Keypad

F8 Group Motor Parameter of ENC EDS800 Series Inverter

F8.01-Motor Rated Voltage– Depend on Device type

F8.02- Motor Rated Current – Depend on Device type

F8.03- Motor Rated Frequency – Depend on Device type

F8.04- Motor Rated Speed (RPM) – Depend on Device type

F8.05- Motor Rated Pole (2-14)- Depend on Device type

F8.06-Rated Power (KW) – Depend on Device type

For JOG Speed Operation

F2-06– Jog Run Frequency-

F2-07– Jog Acc Time (0.01 s – 60s)

F2-08– Jog Dec Time (0.01 -the 60s)-

Terminal Diagram see the Figure

Multi Function of ENC EDS800 Series Inverter

F5 Terminal Function

F5.00-Input Terminal X1 Function Selection-

F5.01-Input Terminal X2 Function Selection-1: Multi-Section Speed Control Terminal

F5.02-Input Terminal X3 Function Selection-2: Multi-Section Speed Control Terminal

F5.03-Input Terminal X4Function Selection-3: Multi-Section Speed Control Terminal

F5.04-Input Terminal X5 Function Selection-4: Multi-Section Speed Control Terminal

F2 Run function parameter group

 F2.30 – Multi-Section Freq. 1

F2.31 – Multi-Section Freq. 2

F2.32 – Multi-Section Freq. 3

F2.33 – Multi-Section Freq. 4

F2.34 – Multi-Section Freq. 5


F2.44 – Multi-Section Freq. 15

+ ENC EDS800 VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1akCcNQbJKSuzy_40UJTzNq_5bKBkBUo3/view?usp=sharing

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