WPLSoft V2.52 Delta PLC Programming Software Free Download

WPLSoft V2.52 Delta PLC Programming Software Free Download

WPLSoft V2.52 Delta PLC Programming Software Free Download

WPLSoft V2.52 is the software for PLC configuration and programming of delta electronics. It is specifically designed for the Delta DVP-PLC series, and the latest version (V2.52) was released on January 12, 2024. It provides a user-friendly environment and configuration tool for Delta’s PLCs, offering various features and tools for programming and project development. Most importantly, today, this article of plchmiservo.com will focus on WPLSoft V2.52 Delta PLC Programming Software Free Download, Features of WPLSoft V2.52, Supported Models of Delta latest version Software, Supported Windows of Delta WPL Software V2.52, How to Delta PLC free Software download,, also How to install Delta PLC Software 64 bit, and Delta PLC to VFD Modbus Communication Program.

Delta PLC programming software is highly regarded and commonly used for running industrial machinery, as well as for home automation. There are two main types of Delta PLC software: WPLSoft PLC software and ISPSoft PLC software, with many series available.

Features of WPLSoft V2.52 Delta PLC Programming Software

+WPLSoft V2.52 allows users to create and manage ladder logic programs using a graphical interface. The software supports ladder diagram programming, which is commonly used for programming PLCs.

+The software lets you customize the settings and features of Delta PLCs and their connected devices. You can set up input/output points, communication preferences, timers, counters, and other important parameters.

+WPLSoft has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that improves programming by offering features like syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and online/offline simulation.

+It also allows simulation and testing of PLC programs without physical hardware, allowing for the verification of inputs, outputs, and program execution.

+The software allows users to monitor and debug PLC status, I/O points, and variables in real-time. It also provides tools for troubleshooting and optimizing programs, such as breakpoints and online editing.

+Users can log and analyze data from Delta PLCs, configuring parameters to capture process data for evaluation or troubleshooting.

Supported Models of WPLSoft latest version Software?

The WPL Soft software supports the following PLC models of Delta DVP series:

+SV2, SV, EH2-L

+ES2, EX2, SS2

+SX2, EH3-L, EH3

+SA2, MC, SE

+ES2-E, EC3-8K



+EH, EH2

+Text HMI: TP04P/TP70P Series Text Display

+VFD: VFD-E Type, C200-C2000, CT2000, CH2000, CP2000, MPD, MS & MH300

Supported Windows of Delta WPL Soft V2.52?

+Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit/64-bit)

+Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)

+Microsoft Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

How to Delta PLC free Software download?

+To begin, visit the download center of Delta software.

+Choose product category, subcategory, and product series of Delta PLC free Software, WPL Soft from the “Select Product” section. You must filter the data type (Software).

+Next, select the zip file for the WPL Soft software version you need. The download of the WPLSoft software will begin after pressing on the zip file. then wait some time, when download will be complete.

+Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip its contents and proceed to install it.

+>>To download the Delta PLC software from Google Drive, visit the website (http://plchmiservo.com) and locate the specific Google Drive link for the software. You can then download it.

How to install WPL Soft Delta PLC Software 64 bit?

+Step 1: At first, download the WPL Soft Delta PLC Software 64 bit from Delta website or plchmiservo.com website. Extract the downloaded file and click on the “Setup.exe”

+Step 2: Access the Welcome Window of WPLSoft V2.52. To continue, select Next.

+Step 3: Select the option “I accept…… license agreement” and click on the “Next” button.

+Step 4: Input “plchmiservo” in the User Name & Organization boxes. Then select the option “Anyone who uses this computer (all users)” to install this software for any users. Then click Next.

+Step 5: Press “Install” to begin the installation procedure from “Ready to Install the Program” wizard.

+Step 6: Wait for a while to complete the installation procedure.

+Step 7: Once the installation is finished, choose the “Finish” option.

Delta PLC to VFD Modbus Communication Program

The program involves the Modbus communication between a DVP 14SS2 (delta PLC) and a VFD-L series (delta VFD). The motor will be directly controlled from the HMI (DOP-107CV) using Modbus communication. The VFD-L series delta AC drive will control the motor according to the instructions it takes from the PLC.

+At first, the settings for communication and other parameters in the drive must be adjusted to align with the configurations of the PLC. The only parameter that should be different from the PLC station address is the slave ID.

+The PLC station address is automatically set to one (1) as a default. Therefore, the station address of the drive should be any value within its defined range, except for one (1).

+According to the table provided (from the manual), we need to adjust the communication parameters.

The DVP 14SS2 is equipped with both RS232 and RS485 communication ports.

Now, we need to adjust the settings of communication port 2 to match the specific instructions for the VFD. These instructions are as follows:

+Open the Delta PLC Software, WPLSoft.

+Go to the programming page and find the icon that looks like a Communication Program. Click on it.

+After that, choose COM2 and click on the “next.”

+Proceed to set the parameters based on the communication parameters of the VFD drive and then tap “Next”. In this step, the parameters should be entered according to the settings of the VFD-L drive.

+The address of the PLC station is 1. Review the highlighted section and click on “next.” One can examine the boxes below and record the conditions. In this situation, we will not use this window. Rather we will enter the logic right away in pattern of ladder diagram.

+Click “Finish.”


We have demonstrated the process of downloading and installing the WPLSoft software. Also, we have provided an example of a Delta PLC programming process. Now, you have the ability to create your own program. You have the capability to program Delta PLC timers and utilize various parameters. Feel free to utilize any resources you need to create your desired control program. For further information on any other PLC programming software, reach out to https://plchmiservo.com

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