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DRAStudio Delta Robot Software Free Download

DRAStudio is a controller software suite developed by Delta Electronics. The software is also known as Delta Robot Automation Studio. It is designed for controlling the Delta DRS/DRV series robots/devices. It is providing a comprehensive solution for operating, monitoring, and tuning the robots. The software is available for download from the Delta Electronics Download Center, with the latest version like DRAStudio V1.00.07.58. The DRAStudio software supports language interfaces in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The software is accompanied by user manuals that provide detailed instructions on its operation and features, ensuring that users can effectively harness its capabilities. So, definitely today, we are going to start a detailed description about DRAStudio Delta Robot Software. We will also highlight How to Download and install the Delta Robotic Automation Software.


Why use DRAStudio Delta Robot Software?

The DRAStudio software is used for robotic integration. It offers various functions for programming robots. The programming languages it uses are plain and user-friendly. It allows for real-time monitoring of robot operations and maintenance, making it efficient for programming and debugging tasks. Additionally, DRAStudio supports the connection of peripheral devices through high-speed networks for real-time communication, enabling a complete robotic automation system. The software provides multiple programming methods such as Notebook, Teach Pendant, or a PAD, offering flexibility in programming the SCARA robot. Overall, the use of DRAStudio software is essential for efficient robotic programming, maintenance, and integration with peripheral devices in industrial applications.

How to Download and Install the Delta Robotic Automation Software

To download the Delta Robotic Automation Software, you can follow these steps:

+Step-1: Visit the Delta Download Center on the Delta website (https://downloadcenter.deltaww.com/en-US/DownloadCenter).

+Step-2: Navigate to the section related to Robotic Automation Software.

+Step-3: Look for the specific software you need for your Delta robotic system by entering “DRAStudio” in the “Keywords” section.

+Step-4: Then Filter the Data Types as “Software.” Or directly click here- https://downloadcenter.deltaww.com/en-US/DownloadCenter?v=1&dataType=8&q=DRAStudio&sort_expr=cdate&sort_dir=DESC

+Step-5: Select the latest version of Delta Robotic Automation Software (DRAStudio V1.00.07.58).

+Step-6: Click on the download link or ZIP Fill provided next to the software.

+Step-7: Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the download process.

+++If you prefer, you can also visit the website (http://plchmiservo.com). Then locate the option to download the Delta Robotic Automation Software called “DRAStudio V1.00.07.58 Google drive link”. Once you click on it, just wait while the download completes.

To install the Delta Robotic Automation Software, follow the below steps:

+Step-1: At first, download the Delta Robotic Automation Software (DRAStudio) from the Delta customer service website.

+Step-2: Then Select DRAStudio software, then select software option and click start search.

+Step-3: Click the link to download “Delta DRAStudio software” to your computer. After that, extract it.

+Step-4: Go to the folder containing the extracted software and double-click DELTA_IA-Robot_DRAStudio-V1.00.07.58_SW_TSE_20240205 to install DRAStudio, as shown in Figure. But the actual file name may vary depending on the number of version.

How to Login DRAStudio Software?

To Login the DRAStudio Software-

+Simply click on the Login option located on the Main screen to bring up the Login dialog box.

+The User ID field will be pre-filled and cannot be changed.

+Input your Password. Then tap on the option labeled “Login” in order to proceed.

The available DRAStudio functions depend on the user “password”.. The following are the lists of three levels (Engineer1, Engineer2, and Engineer3):


User type: Engineer1

Password: 1111

Description and Function: Basic user, such as the machine operator; the DRAStudio screen shows only the basic tabs along the left side of the window.


User type: Engineer2

Password: 2222

Description and Function: Advanced user, such as the engineer responsible for setting up and troubleshooting the robot; the DRAStudio screen shows additional tabs: Home, Arm, System, Scope, License.


User type: Engineer3

Password: 3333

Description and Function: Delta application engineer responsible for updating system firmware; on the DRAStudio System tab, the screen shows the Update tab.

*Note that: user change the User IDs or the passwords.

What is DRS Delta? And DRS 24V100W1NZ?

The DRS Delta is a line voltage DC power supply unit of Delta and the DRS 24V100W1NZ is a DIN Rail SYNC Series manufactured by Delta Electronics. It is designed for DIN rail mounting and boasts a size that is incredibly ultra-compact with galvanic isolation up to 3.0 KVac between the input and output. This device can work with any AC input voltage and can operate at full power in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +55°C. It offers up to 89.0% efficiency. Its built-in active PFC ensures high reliability.

Highlights & Features of DRS 24V100W1NZ

+Ultra-small size and up to 3.0KVAC galvanic isolation between input to output as well as input to ground.

+Earth leakage current is below 0.5 mA at 264 VAC.

+Built-in DC OK relay connection option accessible.

+Ultra low temperature cold starts at -40°C.

+LPS (Limited Power Supply)/ NEC Class 2 certified (DRS-24V100W1N☐).

+Certified in accordance with IEC/EN/UL 62368-1.

Specifications of DRS 24V100W1NZ

+Output Voltage: 24V

+Output Power: 91W

+Output Current: 3.8A

+Input Voltage Range: 85-264Vac

+Unit Weight: 0.72 lb (0.325 kg)

+Dimensions: 2.95” x 1.77” x 3.94” (75 x 45 x 100 mm)


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