[Download] Flexem-Flex Logic-V1.2.1 Flexem PLC Software

Flex Logic is (Ladder Language) Programming software of Flexem PLC. Although this PLC is Chinese Performance is very high. This is very easy to work with PLC and is Available used for Small projects. However, today I would like to share the [Download] Flexem-Flex Logic V1.2.1 “Flexem PLC Software” with you also a download and install process.

Supported “models” of Flex Logic:

Flex logic supports the following models below as 

  • FL2N Series
  • FE4070-20MR
  • KMS-G01
  • FL3 Series

“Supported Operating” System of Flexem-Flex Logic Software:

  1. Microsoft Windows -“XP/Vista”
  2. Microsoft Windows-7-32bit, 64bit,
  3. Microsoft Windows-8/8.1 -32bit, 64bit,
  4. Microsoft Windows-10-32bit, 64bit,

The Flex Logic Software Setup Process:

+Step01: Download the software Flex Logic from our website plchmiservo.com and Extract the software then double click on the FlexLogic_Setup V1.2.1 Also click yes.

+Step02: Welcome to the “Flexem Flex Logic” 1.2.1 Click Next

+Step03: Choose the installation Location or click Install

+Step04: Please wait for the Installation process Continue

+Step05:  Completing the Flex Logic so Click Finish.

Download the Program by using flex logic:

After programming and compiling the program then Go to the PLC then click on “Download Program”.

Click “Download” and Wait for downloading.

Upload Program:

at first, open the Flex logic software then Got to the PLC then Click on “Upload Program”

Then Click “Upload Project” and Wait for Uploading Program

>>>Download Flexem-Flex Logic V1.2.1 Google Drive Link

+ [Download] Flex Logic-V1.2.1 “Flexem” PLC Software

we have given the software link [Download] Flexem-Flex Logic V1.2.1 “Flexem PLC Software” google drive, so click on the link to download the required software.

>>>Software Flexem-Flex Logic V1.2.1 another Link:


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