[Download] Screen Editor Software Delta-V1.05 DOP A Delta HMI Software (Google Drive)

Screen Editor -Versions 1.05.86 is the windows based programming and screen editing Software for Delta old Series HMIs. However, we want to inform you that the software [Download] Screen Editor Software Delta V1.05 (Google Drive) to download the necessary software. This software is used for only Delta DOP A series HMI. DOP-A series Delta HMIs has been used for Old Small and Medium Machines around the world.

The Delta DOP A series /AE series and AS series HMIs Has Two types of Displays, Only a Touch Screen and a Touch & Specials Functions Keypad, with which we can perform the functions of various functions.

Features of DOP A Series HMIs

+Support PLC Serial drives, DOP supports more than 20 Brands such as Delta, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Fatek, etc.
+Supports Multi-Language for Screen Edit
+Quick Execution and Communication Macro
+We can Quickly Upload and Download Programs by using USB Port.
+It provides useful recipe editors. HMI Has Built-in 2 COM ports, Also Supports Two Different PLCs/Controller Connections.
+After Program editing users can Easily Online Simulation and Off-Line Simulation.
+Using SMC Card to backup Data, History list, and alarm data Messages can save in SMC Card.
+Multiple Security Systems.

System Requirements

+Pentium III, 500MHz or Above
+RAM-256 MB, 512MB, or Greater
+HDA-Free Space for Software 200 MB
+Others Device Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard printer, USB, RS232 Port, and Ethernet Port
Windows 7/8 and 10 Need Minimum Requirements Processor 2.8 GHz or Greater, RAM-2GB/4GB or greater, HDD-128GB, 256GB or Above

Software Setup “Operating System”

  • Microsoft Win-98/Me/XP
  • Microsoft Win -7
  • Microsoft Win -8
  • Microsoft Win -8.1
  • Microsoft Win -10

Supported “Series” of the Software

  • DOP- A series
  • DOP- AE series
  • DOP- AS series

we have given the software [Download] Screen Editor Software Delta V1.05 (Google Drive) free to download the required software.

>>>>>>Windows /10

Screen Editor_V1.05.86 Delta DOP-A/AE/AS- HMI Software



>>>>>>Windows /7

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4Y1FK5XsTTb9GCqWAO9R8-RX_AYVs4M/view?usp=sharing

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