USB Driver is a very important part of the Automation Sector. When we will install the software PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD & Motion Controller, etc Then Driver Install Automatically, But If Driver Install Properly Not Done then We Will install CH341SER.ZIP Driver.

If you need Program Upload & Download, (PLC & HMI to PC) Then Must be needing this Driver,

If you want Program Upload & Download, Another Cable (USB-RS232) then you need to install cable driver USB-RS232 Driver for Windows 10 & Windows 7/8, etc.

Setup Procedure USB Driver

+Download the software from our site the extracted software then Double click on CH341SER

+Click on Install and wait a few seconds.

+Click on OK.

How to Check COM Port

+ After Install the USB Driver Go to Computer Device Manager, Then Click on “Device Manager”

+ When I Did Not “cable connects” with PC.

+When I did cable connects with PC.

>>>>Download USB Driver Google Drive Link>>>>>

+All Cable Diver USB & RS232 Driver