[Download] VT Designer-V2.1.9.88 “INVT” HMI Software Free (100% Real)

INVT(Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) Provides High quality, reasonable prices the best power products, and industrial automation products. VT Designer-V2.1.9 is the Programming, and screen designing software for INVT VA, VT, and VK Series HMI. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] VT Designer V2.1.9.88 “INVT” HMI Software With you, also how to download the VT Designer software.

INVT HMI has Many features e.g Wide Screen, Large Memory Supports & Powerful Functions, Easy Programming, and is used in Varies Industrial Sectors such as Textile, Papermaking, Pharmaceuticals, chemical, cement and ceramics, mining, power, etc.

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PC Requirement of INVT Software:

  • Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.8GHz or More
  • RAM-1GB >More
  • Hard Disk- 256 GB>More (free Space Minimum 320MB)
  • RS-232 Port/Ethernet/USB port.

“VT Designer “INVT” HMI Software Supported Models”:

VT Designer software supports the following models

  • VT-043, VT-056, VT-070, VT-080, VT-100, VT-104, VT-150, VT-2043, VT-2070, VT-2080, VT-2100, VT-2104, VT-2120, VT-2121, VT-2150, VX070, VX100, VX104, VX121, VX150,
  • VA-043, VA-070, VA-100, VT-2043, VA-2070, VA-2100
  • VL043-WST, VL056-AST
  • VK-043, VK-070, VK-070-A031, VK-080, VK-100, VK-150, VK-2043, VK-2070, VK-2080, VK-2100, VK-2104, VK-2120, VK-2121, VK-2150

Supported Operating System of VT Designer software:

+Windows -2000- SP4,

+Windows -XP- SP2 (for all flavors of XP such as Home/ Media Center/ Tablet PC),

+Windows Server- 2003,

+Windows -Vista

+Windows -7


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We have given the [Download] VT Designer V2.1.9.88 “INVT” HMI Software google drive link so click on the software link to download your required software.

+ [Download] VTDesigner-V2.1.9 “INVT HMI Software”

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