[Download] Red Lion Crimson Software-V2 & V3 “RedLion HMI Software”-Free 100% Real

Red Lion was founded in 1972 & Redlion HMI is the most powerful, high Sensitivity, Good and durable. The Software of Red Lion Crimson Ver3.0 & Ver2.0 is used to program Readlion HMI (G3 Series, G3 Kadet & Graphite) Core & Modular Controller also Data Station Plus. RedLion Crimson software supports various types of protocols such as Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, and Ethernet & Emerson ROC. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Red Lion Crimson Software “RedLion HMI Software” also how to download Red Lion HMI Programming Software also install the Red lion HMI Software.

Supported “Model” of Red Lion Crimson Software

+G3 Series: G306, G308, G310, G315

+G3 Kadet Series: G304K2, G307K2, WVGA Mode, QVGA Emulation, G304K, G306K, G308K

+Graphite HMI: G07, G09, G10, G12, G15

Supported OS of Crimson Software

  1. MS Windows -XP
  2. MS Windows -Vista
  3. MS Windows-7
  4. MS Windows -8/8.1
  5. MS Windows -10

Software “Setup process” of Crimson Software

ST01: First Download the red lion HMI Software from our website then Unpack the Red Lion HMI Programming software Red Lion Crimson V2.0 and V3 then install V2 After the install the Red lion Crimson V2 then install the Red Lion Crimson V3.0 both setup processes the same. Double-click on Crimson V3.0 setup & yes.

 ST02: Welcome to ‘Red Lion Crimson 3.0’ then Press on next.

ST03: Then Select ‘I accept the terms of the license Agreement’ and ‘next’

ST04: Choose the destination location or click on Next.

ST05: Ready to install so click on Install and wait for the installation of the software crimson when successfully install then click Finish.

ST06: After installing the software please check the software version.

>>>> Download Red lion Crimson Red lion HMI Software Google Drive Link.

We have given the [Download] Red Lion Crimson Software “RedLion HMI Software” google drive link so click on the link to download the required software.

+ [Download] red lion Crimson V3.0 Red Lion HMI Software

>>>Download Red Lion Crimson V3.0 Another Link:


>>>Download red lion Crimson V2.0 Software Link:

+ [Download] Crimson Software V2.0 “Red Lion HMI” Software


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