[Download] Xinje XD PLC Software Download XDPPro V3.7 Xinje PLC Software 100% Working

XDPPro V3.7.4b is the latest version of specialized programming software that is used to program XINJE all the latest version Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The XDPPro software supports Ladder Diagram (LD), Instruction List (IL), Function Block & Function Library. Xinje PLC design is very simple and easy to work with and has powerful function such as Basic function and PID, High-Speed pulse, PWM, MODBUS-RTU, ASCII, etc. also Xinje PLC has a Highly security system, So Xinje PLC Password cracks is not possible. Acceptable prices and communication systems are straightforward. Xinje PLC and Delta PLC Programming cables are the same, so you can program upload and download by using the Delta ACAB230 Programming cable. However, today we are going to showing [Download] Xinje XD PLC Software Download XDPPro V3.7 latest software, also How to download and install the Xinje XD PLC Software.

Supported Windows Operating System for XDPPro Software

+Microsoft Windows 98/ME/Vista

+Microsoft WIN XP

+Microsoft WIN7, and WIN8, Will Required 2GB RAM Minimum, but recommended 4GB or above

+Microsoft WIN10 Will Need a Minimum of 2GB RAM But Recommended 4GB/8GB

+Processor will need 2 GHz or More

+Disk Space will need 100MB but Recommended 128GB, 256GB, or above

We have installed the XINJE XD PLC Software XDPPro V3.7 Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit without any problems.

Supported Model of the XDPPro V3.7 Software

XINJE PLC Software XDPPro V3.7 supports the following models

+XINJE RC Series: RC2, RC3, RC6, RC6H.

+XINJE XA Series: XA3


+ XINJE XG Series: XG1, XG2

+ XINJE XL Series: XL1, XL3, XL5, XL5E, XLH, XLME

+ XINJE XK Series: XK1, XK3, XK5, XK5E, XKH, XKME

+ XINJE XE Series:  XE1, XE2, XE3, XE5, XE5E, XEC, XEE, XEH, XEM, XEME

Setup Process of XDPPro_Ver3.5.1:

First of all, Download the  Xinje PLC Software XDPPro V3.7 from our website plchmiservo.com, then uncompressed the XDPPro software

+Step 01: After unzipping the software Then Double Click on XDPPro 3.7.4b_en and click on Yes.

+Step 02: Welcome to the Xinje PLC Program tool Setup Wizard V3.7.4b  window show & Click on Next.

+Step 03: Then Select the “installation folder” Location, or If you want to set up XDPPro software to the default Location, then Click on Next to continue.

+Step 04: Then will show the select start menu folder window, select start menu folder or to continue click on Next.

+Step 05: Then will show the Ready to install window, so click on Install and wait for the installation of the XDPPro V3.7 Software.

+Step 06: When successfully installed the XDPPro V3.7.4b software, then Click on Finish.

After software XDPPro V3.7 Setup and we created the Dol starter program where shown in Figure below.

After setup the XDPPro V3.7.4b software then you have to Install the XNetSetup_en, So double click on the XNetSetup_en.exe and Click on Yes, then step by step setup the software, when successfully install the XNet software then click on finish.

How to File Upload Program & Download Program by using XINJE Software XDPPro

Download Program:

After creating the program, then set the programming cable, so click on the option and click on Software serial port Config

+Then click on new and select the interface type USB, Ethernet, or COM,

+Then select the comport COM1, COM2, etc.,

+Then click on COM test, when the test is successfully done then click on ok.

+Then go to the Online and Click on “Download Program & Data”, then will download the program.


After selecting the programming cable then click on the Upload icon or go to the Online and click on Upload program then save the project and select the location.

>>>>Software Download Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] Xinje XD PLC Software Download XDPPro V3.7 (Google Drive) Link, so click on the link to download your required software.

Download Link:

+ [Download] XINJE Software XINJE XD PLC Software Download XDPPro V3.7.4b XINJE PLC Software 100 % working

+Unzip Password: [plchmiservo.com]

+XINJE XD Series User Manual PDF

Thanks! If you need any help during the XDPPro V3.7.4b XINJE PLC Software setup or programming, or file Upload Program, Download program, or need any troubleshooting then you can contact us Via email at plchmiserv01@gmail.com, or WhatsApp Number at+8801713722455, Also if you think this content is very helpful for you then you can share the content with you another friend.

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