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Factory IO Plc sim or Software Factory I/O is a 3D factory PLC simulation for learning automation technologies. It is designed to be handy to control and use. Factory I/O comprises numerous scenes motivated by ordinary industrial applications, ranging from beginners to experts for performing tasks of advanced difficulty levels. Typically, Factory I/O is utilized as a training platform for PLC in industrial applications as PLCs are the most-used controllers of industrial applications. It can also be used with other technologies such as SoftPLC, Modbus, and microcontrollers. The Starter Edition of Factory I/O incorporates its individual PLC simulator named “Control I/O.” The principal objective of Control I/O is to offer a brand-independent tool, that can be learned so easily by anyone initializing in the field of automation. However, today we are going to show the [Download] Software Factory IO Full with you, also how to download the Factory IO Software,

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About Factory IO Company

The Factory IO Company is well-known as the “Real Games Company” situated in Portugal. For over a decade, Real Games has been developing simulation software for various types of scenarios. The company has a global network of commercial partners and strong research and development connections with universities and research centers. The flagship products of this company include Factory I/O, Home I/O, and ITS PLC. Real Games Company has commercial partners in more than 40 countries around the world.

Features of Software Factory IO plc Sim

+More than 20 ready-to-use scenes

Factory I/O provides 20+ ready-to-use scenes impelled by common industrial applications to perform actual world control activities. You have the ability to use a scenario as it is or as a beginning stage for a contemporary project.

+Library of industrial parts

In factory IO, it is easily possible to construct a virtual factory utilizing a library of common industrial sections quickly by adding stations, elevators, sensors, conveyors, and many others.

+Create your own scenarios

Factory I/O smart editing tools create building a 3D scene a pleasant and usual experience. Apply a library of industrial portions and customize Factory I/O by making your own training scenarios.

+Digital & analog I/O

Maximum sections include digital and analog I/O. For example- use an analog value to weigh elements or control liquid levels or a digital value to start or stop a conveyor.

+I/O drivers

Factory I/O uses drivers to connect interfaces with Modbus, PLC, SoftPLC, PLC simulators, and many other technologies. Every edition contains a bundle of drivers for a definite technology (i.e., Allen-Bradley Edition, Siemens Edition, and some other editions).


Inject “Always On” and “Always Off” failures effortlessly in actuators and sensors for practicing troubleshooting routines.

+Instructor mode

Lock various options with an instructor password. Challenge trainees to accomplish partly made systems, and discover malfunctions and failures.

+Easy integration

Readily integrate Factory I/O with current training materials. “Plug” and “Play” with Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLC (Ethernet). May be necessary to have wiring or cables for other brands through interface boards.

+Available editions

Factory I/O is totally available in 7 editions that are different from one another in functions and features. The 7 editions are- 1. Ultimate edition, 2. Siemens edition, 3. Allen-Bradley edition, 4. Modbus & OPC edition, 5. MHJ edition, 6. Autumn edition, and 7. Starter edition. Each edition contains I/O drivers targeting particular technologies.

Advantages of Factory IO PLCSIM Advanced

+Design and simulation are very easy

+It is Programmable Logic Controller Programming & Logic Testing Software

+It is an excellent software due to the animation of Programming.

+Factory IO Software has Switch, Light Conveyor, Heavy conveyor, Sensor, etc. Function, so Programming is very easy.

+One license consists of 20+ usable industrial applications

+Able to teach an entire classroom simultaneously

+Capable of working with all PLC brands and the most common automation technologies

+Takes only 600 Mb of internal storage space

+Easy to move it anywhere

+Enables students to experiment, edit and modify their virtual factory without any risk

+There is no wear in an inherent feature of simulations.

How to download the Factory IO Software & Install Process

+Go to Google then type Factory IO software

+Then go to the Factory IO Download Center then Click on Installer and wait for the download of Factory IO Software.


+ Go to our website then click on the Factory IO Software Google Drive link. After Downloading the Factory IO Software then uncompressed the software and install it.

FACTORY IO software is a Windows Supported Real Gaming Software, so this software supports Microsoft WINDOWS XP/ WIN7/ WIN8/ WIN 8.1 and Windows 10 Before installing the FACTORY IO Software, you have to check the Disk Free Space and Location.



Software Factory IO Download Google Drive Link

We going to sowing the [Download] Software Factory IO Full software google drive link, so click on the below Software Factory IO-Link to download your necessary software.

Extract Factory IO Software Password: [plchmiservo.com]

+Download Software Factory IO PLC SIM 100% Real and working

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