[Download] MCGStpc software MCGS HMI software download V7.7

[Download] MCGStpc software MCGS HMI software download V7.7

[Download] MCGStpc software MCGS HMI software free download V7.7

MCGS Embedded V7.7 is a software specifically designed for programming HMI screens used in the TPC series, which is a popular domestic HMI in China. Developed by MCGS, a renowned Chinese company, this software boasts a user-friendly interface and allows for easy drag-and-drop programming, enabling users to effortlessly create personalized HMI screens and interfaces. The software offers a simulation mode that permits users to test their HMI projects before implementing them in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, the software is equipped with a vast range of features including support for 800 communication drivers for various PLC devices, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with popular automation systems. In terms of security, the software system is equipped with multiple layers of protection. This includes the use of passwords for various operations such as accessing downloads and uploads. A key aspect of this software is its capability to establish a specific date for shutdown. Once this date is reached, the HMI will automatically lock itself if left idle. One drawback of this software is that it is only available in Chinese language, which can make it challenging for users who are not familiar with the language to navigate and utilize effectively. Pertinently, in today’s content, we (https://plchmiservo.com/) will be giving description of [Download] MCGStpc software MCGS HMI software download V7.7, About MCGS HMI Website, Supported models of MCGS Software MCGS V7.7, Supported Windows of the MCGStpc Software, How to MCGS HMI Software Free Download & How to install the MCGStpc software V7.7, and About MCGStpc TPC1061Ti HMI Software.

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About MCGS HMI Website

The MCGS HMI website is a platform that provides information about MCGS HMI. The website is designed to give users an overview of the company, its products, services, and mission. The website features a responsive and user-friendly design, making it accessible on various devices and screen sizes. The header section of the website includes a navigation bar with links to different pages, such as Home, Product Center, About Us, and Contact information. This allows users to easily navigate through the website and access the desired information. The “Product Center” section contains the information about MCGS HMI and Configuration Software. The main content of the MCGS HMI website is being focused in the “About Us” section. In this section, users can read about the Company Profile and development path that represent the company’s background, expertise, and goals. The information is presented in a concise and engaging manner to capture the attention of the audience. The website also highlights the range of products and services offered by MCGS HMI. The footer section of the website contains copyright information and serves as a consistent element across all pages.

MCGS HMI is a reputable company that offers top-notch solutions for Human Machine Interface (HMI). Their main goal is to assist businesses in streamlining their operations by providing intuitive and feature-rich HMI solutions. The company primarily focuses on independent research and development, production, and sales of human-machine interface products. They also provide users with comprehensive industrial automation solutions, encompassing both hardware and software. The company’s headquarter is located in Banxuegang Science and Technology City, within the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China. By leveraging the city’s complete high-tech industrial chain and abundant high-end R&D talent, they enhance their innovation capabilities, increase competitiveness, and consistently introduce outstanding software and hardware products.

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Supported Models of MCGS Software MCGS V7.7

MCGS Software, the MCGS Embedded V7.7 offers unparalleled support for an extensive range of models such as:

+TPC1162Hi, TPC7062Hi

+TPC7062Ti, TPC1062Ti

+TPC7062KX, TPC7062KW

+TPC1262Hi, TPC7062K

+TPC7062TD, TPC7062TX

+TPC1561Hi, TPC1061Hi

Supported Windows of the MCGStpc Software

+Windows XP

+Windows 7

+Windows 8

+Windows 10

How to MCGS HMI Software Free Download & How to install the MCGStpc software V7.7

If you are looking to download the MCGS HMI software for free, you can follow the steps below:

+Step 1: Go to Google and input “MCGS HMI Software Free Download” in the address bar. Then hit enter.

+Step 2: Visit the official MCGS website.

+Step 3: Look for the “Downloads” or “Software” section.

+Step 4: Find the MCGS HMI software and click on the download link.

+Step 5: Follow the instructions to complete the download.

Please note that the availability of a free version of the MCGS HMI software may vary depending on the official website and the specific version you are looking for.

+*+If you face any problem downloading the MCGS HMI Software from MCGS website, you also have an alternative option to visit the (https://plchmiservo.com/) website. Then you will be able to click on the provided Google drive link to download & obtain the software.

When it comes to installation, the MCGStpc software V7.7 presents a restriction due to its exclusive use of the Chinese language. This means that users who are not fluent in Chinese language may find it difficult to navigate the software installation guide. To successfully install and run the software, it is necessary to adjust the Windows language and location settings to Chinese prior to initiating the installation process.

About MCGStpc TPC1061Ti HMI Software & describe

The software used for the MCGStpc TPC1061Ti HMI is MCGS Embedded configuration software. This software comes with various functions such as data storage function, alarm formulation, and the ability to save initial values. MCGS is specifically designed for programming and creating Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems. It offers a diverse range of tools that enable users to design and develop HMIs effectively. These tools include support for various protocols and hardware platforms, making it versatile for different applications. Additionally, it offers remote control and access capabilities, alarms and events, dynamic graphics, as well as data logging and trending features.

The TPC1061Ti MCGS is a 10.2-inch HMI touch screen with multiple features. It has a TFT LCD display with LED backlighting, providing an accurate and vibrant color display with 65535 different colors. The screen resolution is 1024×600, ensuring clear and detailed visuals. The LCD screen has a brightness of 200cd/㎡, allowing for easy visibility in various lighting conditions. The touch screen technology used is resistive, providing accurate and responsive touch input. In terms of power supply, the TPC1061Ti MCGS operates on a 24VDC power source. Its rated power consumption is 5W, ensuring energy efficiency. The CPU motherboard of this device is equipped with an ARM CPU running at 600MHz, providing sufficient processing power for various tasks. It also has a memory capacity of 128M, allowing for smooth operation and multitasking. The FLASH storage capacity of the TPC1061Ti MCGS is 128M, providing ample space for storing data and applications.


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