[Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor-V1.4 LS XP10 Series HMI

Software Panel Editor_V1.40 is used to program for LS XP10 Series HMI (Text Panel Display). Whatever [Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor V1.4 XP10 required software. Users can easily Show Any message through the Software. LS HMI Software Panel Editor supports the Following Windows -Microsoft Windows 7/Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 and Microsoft Windows 10

Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the LS HMI Software Panel Editor with you.

Features of XP10 Series LS HMI

+Display Resolution 192*64, STN (LCD)

+System RAM-1000 Words

+This HMI Has Two Communication Chanel (RS232, RS485), Master and Slave setting Available

+Has Two Power System 24V DC/5V DC

+Maximum Communication Speed (115,200)

+Varieties Function Keys e.g. (ESC/ ALM/ SET, ENT/ F1~F4, Arrow keys)

+Easy Hardware Setting and Programming

You can Here [Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor V1.4 XP10 and Download LS PLC Software For the Programming of PLC

Setup Process of LS HMI Panel Editor_Ver1.40 Software

First of all [Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor V1.4 XP10 LS HMI Software from our website or LS Electric Co, Ltd Website Then Unzip the panel editor Software

+Step 01: After Download and Unzip the software and click on Panel Editor_V1.40_ENG

+Step 02: Click on Run Anyway

+Step 03: To continue >Click Next

+Step 04: Then Type “user name” and Company Name such as plchmiservo.com, Then click on “next”  

+Step 05: Choose the “destination location” or to continue click “Next”

+Step 06: Click Install to “totally install” the panel editor software

+Step 07: After Finished the setup then click on ‘Finish’

[Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor V1.4 XP10

We have given the [Download] LS HMI Software Panel Editor V1.4 XP10 software google drive link to Download the required software.

+[Download] Panel Editor_V1.4 LS Text Panel LS HMI Software

>>>>>Software Link:


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