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The XG5000 is a revolutionary PLC programming software tool of LS Electric that is used to configure and program LS PLCs. Over the years, this software has undergone significant enhancements and refinements to provide a wide range of features and capabilities. The latest version of this software, XG5000_V4.76, was released on 15/01/2024. It provides assistance for (4) of the (5) languages found in the industrial controllers of IEC 61131 standard, namely IL, ST, LD, and SFC. Relatedly, in today’s blog post, we ( are ready to discuss LS PLC XG5000 Software Download, Supported Models of XG5000 Software PLC LS, Key features of XG5000 PLC software, Improvements and additions & some Error correction, and How to download XGB PLC software from google drive.

LS Industrial Systems (LSIS) is the top producer of PLCs in Korea. They have a diverse range of PLC series, catering to various portions in the industrialization market. LS IS has become more prominent in the industry due to the popularity of both compact and modular PLCs.

+XG5000 Software LS PLC

Supported Models of XG5000 Software PLC LS?

The XG5000 software is applied to program multiple LS PLC models including:

+XGI-Series, XGR-Series


+XGB, XGT Series



Key features of XG5000 PLC software?

+The XG5000 PLC software provides support for various data types, including the IEC standard data types and even 64-bit data. It allows for the use of 3-dimensional alignments, providing flexibility in data organization.

+The software comes equipped with various monitoring functions including variable monitoring, device monitoring, system monitoring, trend monitoring with a user-friendly two-dimensional trend graph (X-Y plotter), and special module monitoring. These monitoring capabilities facilitate efficient programming and enable programmers to keep track of the performance and status of their programs and devices.

+To further enhance programming convenience, the software offers over 700 function blocks. These blocks cover a wide range of functionalities and include over 70 motion control-specific blocks.

+The XG-SIM virtual PLC simulator for Windows enables programmers to test and troubleshoot their programs without using an actual PLC device.

+The software has all the common commands like timer, counter, compare, etc., as well as a range of specialized and advanced instructions for coding, such as data processing, high-level math, motion control, and data and code conversion.

Improvements and additions & some Error correction

Improvements and additions

+Added EDS file user setting function: Added a function that allows you to dynamically set the parameter size and set data when the Config Format of the ConnectionXX item in the EDS file is empty.

+Addition of EtherNet/IP Additional Path function: An additional path (hex) item has been added to the parameter settings of the aperiodic client operating mode block to support parameter changes for the IO-Link master.

+Enhanced PLC password input: In response to requests for enhanced PLC security features, the minimum password length has been changed to 4 characters and must include numbers and special characters.

+Enhanced P2P parameter setting error detection (XGB PLC): If there is an error in the P2P order registered in the project tree, the warning when writing has been changed to an error.

+Added bit string type to EDS: EDS allows you to specify any fixed value for each bit and set the initial value.

+Change the order of continuous movement of paste tabs: In the Continuous Paste dialog box, the tab order has been changed to make it easier to use the keyboard.

Error Correction

+ Fix EtherNet/IP array type tag errors: When entering the array type tag in the P2P module block and EIP smart extension detailed settings, the data type has been changed to allow input as long as the amount of data is correct.

+Fix EDS file parsing error: A program crash error occurred when a data type not supported by the XG5000 was declared, which has been corrected.

+Fixed errors in saving and restoring XGR parameters: When saving a project file, a bug has been fixed where communication module setup data was not saved if the base number was declared as 8 or higher.

+Fixed errors in reading high-speed connections and P2P elements: When opening or reading from the PLC, if there is no high-speed channel and P2P parameters, the high-speed channel and P2P items and project data are deleted.

+Correction of errors in axis group parameters in motion projects: PCS Settings – Fixed an issue where the value would unconditionally change to 1 when entering a value in the Z Rotation item.

How to download XGB PLC software from google drive?

To download XGB PLC software from google drive, visit the ( website. Then click on the Google drive link of XGB PLC software given in the website.


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