[Download] NB HMI Manual-Omron NB HMI to All PLC Connection Guide

HMI is commonly used to automate factory machinery and make troubleshooting easier. Omron Is the most popular and Durable HMI. It has been used in different machines of the low, medium, and high quality all over the world.

Omron can interface with almost all PLCs, servo drives, and VFD /controllers with HMI.

I want to help you with these documents so that you can work by making cables by hand.

So plchmisevo.com would like to share the NB HMI Manual, and how to make the Communication cable Omron NB Series HMI-Others PLC.

Connection Cable Diagram

>01: Omron NB HMI to Siemens S7-200 PLC Cable Diagram

>>02: Omron PLC to Omron HMI Cable connection picture

>>>03: Mitsubishi FX Series PLC- Omron-NB Series HMI Connection Diagram

The diagrams above are all ok and you can solder and interface the PLC to HMI cables if you wish.

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>>>>Omron -HMI Cable _Connecting Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1doDOFQZh3RcH7wS1UV2a2pmU2iH4RISX/view?usp=sharing