[Download] Fuji HMI Manual “FUJI/Hakko/Monitouch” HMI to All PLC Connection

Fuji is the name of a Japanese brand and it has been a favorite of almost everyone in the market for a long time.

HMI MONITOUCH Produce Various Models e.g. V6 Series, V7, V8 and Last Update V9 Series & 

The new series HMI is more advanced and has high performance, Optimum operability, and intuitive control it has these qualities.

Fuji / Hakko / Monitouch Human Machine Interface (HMIs) can be connected to any device such as PLC / VFD / Servo / Controller etc.

plchmiservo.com would like to share with you and your friends the Fuji HMI Manual (HMI-all PLC Connection Manual) 

Connecting ‘Cable’ Diagram

>01: Monitouch/Hakko HMI to Fatek PLC Cable connecting Diagram

>>02: Fuji HMI to Omron PLC Cable connecting picture

>>>03: Cable connection Delta plc to Fuji/Monitouch HMI.

>>>>04: Connecting cable Diagram of Allen-Bradley PLC

>>>>>>>>>>>>>All the above diagrams are fine, you can solder if you want.

^^PDF “Download”

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>>>>Fuji User Manual Fuji/Hakko/Monitouch HMI-PLC Connecting   

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z1EosbnmBGQea0XDsLu3VLpmPrLJXsWV/view?usp=sharing