[Download] MR Configurator Mitsubishi “J2/J2S” Servo Software-Real

Software MR-Configurator is used to program/Install and Configuration for Mitsubishi Old Servo MR-J2 and MR-J2S Series. Mitsubishi Old servo MR-J2/J2S has stopped production, but with machines that still use it, We need MR Configurator software to fix Faults and reconfigure the Servo. Using MR Configurator software makes it easy to install a servo and saves you time. However, plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] MR Configurator Mitsubishi J2/J2S Servo Software and how to install and download the MR Configurator software.

What is the MR J2S software, also How to MR j2s software download?

MR J2S software is an application developed by Mitsubishi called MR Configurator Servo Software. It is used for programming, installation, and configuration of the old Mitsubishi Servo MR-J2 and MR-J2S series. Although Mitsubishi no longer produces the MR-J2/J2S series, there are still many machines that rely on them, making it essential to have MR Configurator software for servicing, reconfiguring, and fault rectification. The software offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to install and configure the MR-J2/J2S series. It saves time and minimizes the complexity associated with manual setup and configuration. Using MR Configurator software, technicians can troubleshoot faults and get the machines up and running efficiently and effectively.

Overall, MR J2S software is a valuable tool that helps maintain the optimal performance of the MR-J2/J2S series servo systems. Its easy-to-use interface and the numerous capabilities make it an essential tool in industrial settings where automation is paramount. Therefore, technicians must have MR Configurator software for any maintenance and service activities to ensure the reliability and optimal performance of MR-J2/J2S series machines. You can easily download the MR Configurator software from our website plchmiservo.com so, click on the MR j2s software download and download your required software.

+MR Configurator 2 Download-mitsubishi servo drive software download V1.77

MR-Configurator Software Supported Models of Servo

MR Configurator software supports the following models as

MR-J2S-A, MR-J2S-A Fully Closed, MR-J2S-B/ MR-J2S-B Fully Closed / MR-J2S-B Linear/ MR-J2M-P8A/ MR-J2M-P8B/ MR-J2S-CP/ MR-J2S-CL/     MR-J2S-CP-S084 

Supported Computer OS ‘MR-Configurator’ Software

MR Configurator software is windows based programming software so this software supports the following operating systems.

+ MS Windows- XP/ME/2000

+MS Windows-Vista- (32bit/64bit Version)

+MS Windows-7-(32bit/64bit Version)

+MS Windows-8-(32bit/64bit Version)

+MS Windows-8.1- (32bit/64bit Version)

+MS Windows-10-(32bit/64bit Version)

Software MR Configurator Mitsubishi Servo Setup Process

+01: “Unzip” Software Then Double Click Setup’ then Click ‘Next’

+02: Click on “Next >>two (02) times and wait a few seconds for installing the MR-Configurator software

+03: After Installation of the software click “Finish” then open the MR-Configurator software

>>>>Download MR Configurator Google Drive Link

we have given the [Download] MR Configurator Mitsubishi J2/J2S Servo Software (google drive) link Click on the Link to download the required software.

+ [Download] MR-Configurator “MR-J2/J2S” Mitsubishi  Servo Software



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