[Programming Cable] Fuji Electric “HMI Hakko” Programming Cable Diagram

Fuji is a famous brand in the world. Fuji has various types of Automation products such as PLC, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Servo Drives & Motors, and Controller, etc.

However, Fuji Hakko/Monitouch HMI Has Three communication ports Ethernet/RS-232 Port and USB Port. Fuji Old Series HMI Does not Support USB Port but supports only RS232 port.  Today I want to inform to you how to make a Hakko/Monitouch HMI to PC Programming Cable, and Used to for All UG220/330, V4/6/7 & V8 Series HMI.

Need Items

+01: DB9-Female Port 01 PCs Computer Site

+02:  RJ-45 Male Connector (HMI Site)

+03:   Soldering Iron & Digital Multimeter

Procedure of Making Cable

According to the cable diagram, Must be you solder the cables properly.

>>When completed, Original image of the Communication cable

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##SX-Programmer Expert FUJI PLC Software

##Fuji/Hakko/Monitouch HMI VSFT V5.4.2 Software