[Download] Wecon PLC Editor-V1.3.8 Wecon PLC Software Free (Google Drive)

WECON PLC Editor V1.3.8 Is the Latest Programming software for Wecon Technologies Co. Ltd.  And WECON PLC Software Supports Wecon All Series Programmable Logic Controller. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] Wecon PLC Editor V1.3.8 Wecon PLC Software and how You Can Easily Download the Software for Free and install it.

WECON PLC Editor Wecon PLC Software Programming is very easy, and Easily to find out the errors of PLC. WECON PLC Software has program simulations Function Also Program Upload and Download are very Easy.

Supported Windows of Wecon PLC Editor

WECON PLC Software Wecon PLC Editor is the Windows Based Specialized Programming Software

So This Software Supports the Operating Systems.

Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 Bits and 64 Bits)

Supported Model of WECON PLC Software

WECON PLC Editor Software Supports these PLC Models

LXCPU Series:


CCCPU Series:

  • CC3V

Setup Process of Wecon PLC Editor V1.3.8:

Download the software WECON PLC Software WECON PLC Editor V1.3.8 from our website

+Step 01: Then Double Click Wecon PLC Editor setup.exe and click Yes.

+Step 02: Select Setup Language and Click OK.

+ Step 03: Welcome to the Wecon PLC Editor Setup Wizard Then Click next.

+ Step 04: Set up Wecon PLC Editor clicks Next.

+ Step 05: Select the Destination Location and Click Next.

+ Step 06: Select Start Manu Folder and Click Next.

+ Step 07: Click Desktop Icon and Click Next.

+ Step 08: Ready to Install and Wait For Installation and Click Install.

+ Step 09: Click Next.

+ Step 10: Complete the Wecon PLC Editor Setup Wizard and click Finish.

+ Step 11: Install the Device Drive Properly after Setup Shon as Figure.

How to Create Project and Programming:

Open the Software WECON PLC Software WECON PLC Editor

  • Click the Software Wecon PLC Editor
  • Then Click Manu brand Click New.

Select PLC Series and Model and Click OK.

Edit the Program Shown in the Figure.

After Programming Shown in Figure.

How to Cable/PortCheck:

  • Go to Transfer Setup Select the Cable to check the connection Test and Click OK.

How to Program Upload and Download System:


After Editing Program we need to Compile Project and Select the Programing Cable then go to Write to PLC Shown in Figure


Click Go to Read from PLC and Upload the Program

How to Compile Program:

After Programing we need to compile Program.

Go to Compile when compile successfully then Click ok.

Programming Cable:

For WECON PLC Program Upload/Download we need to Mini USB Programming Cable or USB-Wecon Cable.

>>>>Download Google Drive Link>>>>>

+ [Download] WECON PLC Editor “Wecon PLC Software



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