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CONVO is a Brand of German Bosch Rexroth Electronic & Control Shenzhen Co., Ltd. But Bosch Company December 1, 2006, Enter the Chinese Market. And now Bosch Group Acquired to Shenzhen (China) CONVO Electric Technology Co., Ltd. If you want Best Performance & Save Installation and Proper Maintenance of CONVO VFD then must be read this Manual. So plchmiservo.com would like to share the CONVO CVF -G2 Series and P2 Series Inverter Manual, So please read the manual carefully for the Proper installation, Programming, and Troubleshooting

Wiring Diagram and Power Connection of CONVO G2/P2 Series VFD Shown in Figure

Programming or Parameter of CONVO CVFG2 Series VFD

If you want to Reset all VFD Parameter

L-73-Initialization Parameters-1 Initializing operation

Impotent Parameter of CONVO CVFG2 Series VFD

b-0- Select the Basic operating Parameter, 0-Basic operating Parameter

b-1- Frequency Input Chanel Selection-

b-2– Frequency Setting, Upper limit Frequency

b-3– Run Commend Chanel Selection

b-5– Load Motor Rated Frequency

b-6– Load Motor Rated Voltage

b-7– Acceleration Time 1 (0.1-6000 second)

b-8- Deceleration Time 1 (0.1-6000 second)

L-3-The upper Limit Frequency

L-4-Lower Frequency

Terminal Connection Diagram


L-15-Jog Frequency

L-16-Jog Acceleration time

L-17-Jog Frequency Deceleration time

b-17- REV/JOG Key Function Selection, For Jog operation

FOR Multi-Function Terminal Setting

L-63-Input terminal 1 Function selects (0-21)

L-64-Input terminal 2 Function selects (0-21)

L-65-Input terminal 3 Function selects (0-21)-12

L-66-Input terminal 4 Function selects (0-21)-34

L-67-Input terminal 5 Function selects (0-21)-45

L-68-Input terminal 6 Function selects (0-22)

L-69-Input terminal 7 Function selects (0-23)

Keypad Figure

FOR Multi-Function Frequency Setting

L-18 –Multiple Speed Frequency 1

L-19 –Multiple Speed Frequency 2

L-20 –Multiple Speed Frequency 3

L-21 –Multiple Speed Frequency 4

L-22 –Multiple Speed Frequency 5

L-23 –Multiple Speed Frequency 6

L-24 –Multiple Speed Frequency 7


L-32 –Multiple Speed Frequency 15

+ CONVO G2 & P2 Series VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wP1b5vsgQ4QXOrt_h-iTG0vF6g6RyjPr/view?usp=sharing

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