[Download] PANATERM Software V3.7 Panasonic Servo Software Real

Panasonic is a Brand of Japan; it is an Extremely Popular Brand in the World. It is not only strong in the Electronics Device but also Strong in Industrial Devices. PANATERM is the Software of Panasonic Servo, but PANATERM V3.7 is the specialized programming and Troubleshooting Software of Panasonic Older Servo Drives. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the software [Download] PANATERM Software Panasonic PANATERM Panasonic servo drive software also how to download and install the Panasonic servo software.

Supported Model or Series of PANATERM V3.7 Software

This Software PANATERM V3.7 is dedicated to MINAS Series Servos.

+MINAS-A Series Servo

+MINAS-A3Series Servo

+MINAS-A4 Series Servo

+MINAS-A4A Series Servo

+MINAS-A4N Series Servo

+MINAS-A4P Series Servo

+MINAS-A4T Series Servo

+MINAS-B Series Servo

+MINAS-E Series Servo

+MINAS-S Series Servo

Requirement of PC for Software Installation

Before Installation of the Panasonic servo Software, PANATERM V3.7 Check the PC Requirements.

+CPU: Minimum Pentium 100MHz or Above

+Memory: 16MB/32MB or More

+HDD: Free Space 25 MB or More

+For Window 7/8/10 Recommended RAM Minimum 2GB/4GB or More and ROM: 128GB/256 GB or More

+Others Display, CDROM, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Port, RS232 Port, Ethernet Port, etc.

Supported Operating Systems

+Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000

+MS Windows XP

+MS Windows Vista

+MS Windows 7

+MS Windows 8/8.1

+MS Windows 10

Installation Instruction

PANATERM V3.7 Software setup is Straightforward,

+Step 01: Download the Software

+Step 02: Extract the Software

+Step 03: If you want to Setup Windows XP Then Click on Setup XP

+Step 04: If you want to set up Windows 7/8/10/VISTA Then Click on Setup

+Step 05: Then Click on ok.

+Step 06: Then Click on Start Installing.

+Step 07: Now Select Continue

+Step 08: Click on Yes and Wait a few seconds to Install the Process.

+Step 09: When Installation is Finished then Click on OK

+Finally After Setup checks the PANATERM Software Version and Default Parameter shown in figure

Panasonic Servo Programming Cable:

For Programming and During Program upload/Download Need to Cable

+DV0P1960 (DB9 to Mini din)

MINAS A/A4/A3 Series Servo

+DV0P1970 (DB9 to Mini din)



we have given the [Download] PANATERM Software Panasonic PANATERM Panasonic servo drive software google drive link so click on the link to download your required file.

+PANATERM V3.7 Panasonic Servo Software

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jOd1cZukwLyDQwlGQjb1-P2Hm_Ripsd4/view?usp=sharing

+PANATERM V3.7 Panasonic Servo Software Manual

If there is any problem During Installation of the Software PANATERM V3.7 Software or Upload or Download Parameter, Please contact plchmiservo.com via mail or comment on the below Content, Admin will feedback to you as soon as possible via mail.

Thanks to All

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