[Download] HNC Electric TP2000 V1.7 “HCFA” HMI Software-Real Free

HNC Electric TP2000EN V1.7.0.5 is used to program HCFA HMI. TPseries HMI Has multiple functions and multiple colors, Ethernet Functions, Various Alarms, and Language, also this HMI Supports All types of Programmable controllers (PLC), It also offers fast and convenient control functions for industrial automation machines. Users can easily program and Design, Upload and Download TP2000 Software.

Supported Models TP2000 Software:

  • TP1570
  • TP1343
  • TP1670
  • TP1610

Software Setup System:

+S00: Double click the software TP2000ENV_1.7.0.5 and click yes.

+S01: Welcome to the “TP2000EN Setup Wizard” and Click Next

+S02: Choose “Destination Folder” and Click Next

+S03: Ready to Install TP2000EN- So Click Install.

+S04: Completing The TP2000 Setup Wizard, so click Finish


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+ [Download] TP2000_V1.7.0.5 HCFA HMI Software

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