[Download] NTXS-“Omron HMI” Software Real (Google Drive)

The NTXS Series HMI Microsoft windows based Omron Both Text and Graphics Display HMI Configuration Software. The NTXS Series HMI Connect to the PLC through the Serial Cable. We can Monitor and change the Value of Data by using NTXS Software.

Supported Model of Omron “NTXS” Software

NT2S-SF121B-EV2, NT2S-SF122B-EV2, NT2S-SF125B-E, NT2S-SF126B-E, NT3S-SF126B-E, NT3S-ST121B-E, NT3S-ST123B-E and NT3S-ST124B-E

Software Setup System ^NTXS:

Download the software from our site then ^“Extract” the Software “NTXS”.

+^S01: Then >>Double Click Setup & Click Yes.

+^S02: Welcome to the NTXS “Installation” Wizard Click ^Next.

+^S03: Type User Name-plchmiservo.com, Company Name-plchmiservo.com, & Click ^Next.

+^S04: Choose ^Destination Location and “Click Next”.

+^S05:  Click Next to Continue or Select Program folder and Next.

+^S06: Choose “OK”.

Upload & Download System of Omron NTXS Project:

Download Program:

Go to the Communicate >click the Download

Select Port and OK.

Finally, click the Download.

Upload Program:

First Open NTXS then Go to Communicate>Upload”.

Select Communication Port & OK and Click Upload.

>>> Download Google Drive Link.

+ [Download] NTXS-Configuration _V1.04 “Omron HMI” Software

>>>Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13rs-5pCxxfwlS9pzMsJWvTFuA68Ykin1/view?usp=sharing