[Download] EP Editor-V2.16 LIYAN HMI Software Free (Google Drive)

LIYAN ELECTRIC was Established in Taiwan in 1992. In the Primary LIYAN published the controller of single-chip for parking machine Materials, Till now, LIYAN has developed software and manufacturing, hardware, and layout of a PCB board of PLCs and HMIs. EP-Editor V2.16 Is the Screen Designing software of LIYAN HMI. This software supports Liyan EP300 Series (HMI) and EP314 Series (HMI+PLC), However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] EP Editor_V2.16 LIYAN HMI Software (Google Drive) with you also how to download the LIYAN Electric LIYAN PLC Software and LIYAN HMI Software and install it, Also share the LIYAN PLC+HMI Manual.

The EP Series Programmable Logic Controller with the Humen Machine Interface. The programming software of PLC is EXEditor and the Programming software of HMI is EPEditor. If you need an Expandable IO Module needed in EP314 Series PLC+HMI, please select the remote IO Module. The EP300/314 Series PLC+HMI Has a real-time function inside. and the PLC+HMI has some function keys such as 0-9, A-F, F1-F6, ESC, SFT, CLR, Enter, and Direction Keys, and This PLC+HMI supports RS232/485 and RS422 Communication

Supported Operating Systems of EP Editor software:

EP Editor supports the following operating systems

  1. MS Windows –XP
  2. MS Windows –Vista
  3. MS Windows –7
  4. MS Windows –8, 8.1
  5. MS Windows –10

>>>>Download EP Editor LIYAN Electric LIYAN HMI Software and LIYAN PLC Software Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] EP Editor_V2.16 LIYAN HMI Software (Google Drive) link, so click on the link to download the LIYAN HMI Software.

[Download]  EP-EDITOR_V2.16  “LIYAN HMI” Software

>>>>LIYAN HMI Software EP Editor Download Link:


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