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Selpro V5.4.4 is the PLC programming software specifically designed for Selec PLC. The software was developed by Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd. This programming software is Windows OS-based and user-friendly. It allows users to easily draw and simulate ladder diagrams (LD). With features such as program uploading and downloading, offline and online simulation functions, support for various types of data and password protection, Selpro Software offers a comprehensive solution for PLC programming. In this article, we will discuss Selec PLC Software Free Download Selpro in detail and also how to download the software.

About Selec Company & Selec controls products

Selec Company stands at the forefront of the electronics industry, leading the way in research and development. Their team of experts specializes in manufacturing, design, tooling, and plastic production, all of which adhere to the highest international standards. They offer innovative solutions to customer-centric problems and have expanded their product range to include high-quality and service-oriented offerings. Selec is known for its thoughtful approach and courage in proposing smart solutions to customers. They are a prominent Indian company that operates in multiple industries including Process Control, Energy Management, Solar, Automation, Power Quality, and Electrical control & protection. They have a significant worldwide reach and offer extensive customer support. Their products are unique, innovative, and meet global standards, serving both OEM and end-user customers across industries. Their unique proposition is to provide customized engineering solutions that caters to the individual demands of each customer. Their facilities cover a vast area of 1.7 lakh square feet, with the head office located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Supported Model of Selec PLC Software Selpro

Selpro software provides support for the following models:

+303X Series, 301X Series

+101X Series, Flexy Series

+MIBRX Series, Twix Series

+UnixX Series, DigixX Series

+PLC GraphicsX Series

What is Selec DTC324 & why use?

The Selec DTC324 is a versatile digital PID temperature controller with advanced auto tuning features. It can function as either an on/off or PID controller and has the ability to accept thermocouple or RTD inputs. The controller supports up to two outputs and comes in different versions with different relay and SSR output options. It can be configured for on/off or PID control, alarm outputs, or set up for dual control (heat/cool) with one alarm output.

The Selec DTC324 controller is used for its ability to control multi-stage heating and cooling systems, such as heat pumps and dual fuel systems, for precise temperature control. This controller has features that allow for remote temperature management and can help reduce energy costs. It can optimize temperature according to your timetable and appearance to save energy. The dual 4 digit LED display makes it easy to monitor the set point and process value. The controller is compatible with power supplies ranging from 85 to 270V AC.

What is MA302 Selec & Why use?

MA302 Selec is a digital ammeter that is designed to be mounted on a panel and has dimensions of 96mm in height and 96mm in width. It is produced by Selec, a renowned manufacturer in the industry. The input voltage for this ammeter is 240V, with a tolerance of +-20%.

The MA302 is used because it provides highly accurate current measurements through its precision digital display, surpassing the accuracy of analog ammeters. This enables the detection of even small fluctuations and issues. One of its notable features is the True RMS measurement capability, which ensures accurate readings of electrical currents. This particular ammeter is specifically designed for use in 1-phase 2-wire electrical networks. Additionally, it has the ability to program the CT primary up to a maximum of 4000A, offering flexibility and adaptability for various applications.

What is PIC101A? why use

PIC101A is a process indicator that utilizes a micro-controller and can display four digits. It is manufactured by the Selec brand. It is able to handle various input types, as well as having two programmable setpoints with separate relays.

The PIC101A microcontroller is used for its affordability, making it eligible for projects with low budgets. It is also easy to program and has a wide operating voltage range, offering flexibility in power source options. The supply voltage for this device is 230V AC with a tolerance of ± 20% and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The maximum power consumption for the PIC101A is 5VA.

What is TC303AX Selec & TC513BX Selec also use?

The Selec TC303AX is a PID temperature controller designed for single set point temperature control. It features a single 3-digit LED display, PID and ON/OFF control options, and accepts TC/RTD inputs. The controller has a relay contact (SPDT) control output and allows for field selectable control output (relay or SSR). It operates on 85-270 V AC/DC power supply and can be set to display temperature in either °C or °F. The TC303AX is easy to use, panel mountable, and convenient for various applications.

The Selec TC513BX Temperature controller is a versatile device that allows for temperature monitoring through both automatic and manual settings. It is compatible with thermocouples and Pt100 RTDs as input, and can operate on a supply voltage ranging from 90 to 270 V AC/DC. The unit can display temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, with a clear LED display featuring three digits in red. The controller has 0 to 50°C temperature range for operating and suitable compact dimensions of 46 x 46 x 76 mm. It can be simply installed on a control panel, with terminal connections for appropriate wiring.

The Selec TC303AX and TC513BX temperature controllers are commonly used in various industries such as industrial heating systems, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory equipment, and environmental chambers.

What is XC10D also use?

XC10D is a six-digit LED display counter and seven-segment LED totalizer manufactured by Selec. It features a compact size and inbuilt sensor supply. It offers memory retention and is compatible with NPN and PNP potential free contacts sensor types. The XC10D operates from 90 to 270V supply voltage (AC/DC).

The XC10D is a multipurpose counter module that can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings to keep track of, time, count, and display numerical measurements. It is equipped with programmable capabilities that offer great flexibility.

What is Selec hour meter?

The Selec hour meter is like a special clock or device that keeps track of how much time has passed. It typically shows the time in hours and ten percent parts of hours. Most hour meters are utilized to monitor the running time of equipment to ensure the correct maintenance of costly machines or systems. The brand of this hour meter is Selec, it operates on a voltage of 220 V, and it is intended for commercial use. The communication version of this hour meter is high.

How to Selec PLC Programming Software free download from Selec official website

+To download the Selec PLC Software Free Download Selpro for free, visit the Selec official website (

+Go to “DOWNLOAD” section from menu. After that select “Software” or click here-

+Choose the appropriate version of the Software (Selpro Selec V5.4.4). Then press on the download icon of the software.

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