[DIY/Cable] LG XGT PLC-LS/LG PLC Programming Cable

Hi Guys, LS/LG is a Korean Brand and its Products are very good and affordable price, Today plchmiservo.com will discuss with friends how to make PLC LG XGT PLC-Master-K/Glofa, XGB/XGT/XBC/XBM LS/LG programming cable. The cost to make this cable is very low.

Need types of equipment

+01: D-SUB-Female 9 Pin Jack Port

+02:  D-SUB-Male 9 Pin jack

+03: 6 Pin Mini-Din Male>>>PLC Site

+04:   “Soldering Iron” /Digital Multimeter

Procedure Cable Making

See the cable diagram and make the Cable.

>>>LS Master K Series and Glofa/GM7 series PLC Programming Cable Diagram

>>>Programming Cable Diagram of LS XGB, XBM, XBC, XGT Series PLCs

These Two PLC Cables were Tested By plchmiservo.com and I think that you can make and use them easily.

Thanks & Best Regards