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PanelDesigner V1.36 is the Specialized Programming software of CONCH HMI. The CONCH HMI has been manufactured in Taiwan. Also, PanelDesigner Software was developed by CONCH Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan). This Company has More than 10 years of Experience in the Production of Automation CONCH Electronics Co., Ltd is a Technologies company of TAIWAN In the World, This Company Manufactured various types of Industrial Products such as CONCH HMI (Human Machine Interface), PID Temperature Controller, SCR Power Controller, Solid State Relay, Microcontroller Voltage Meter, Tachometer/Line Speed Meter, Counter, Timer and Sensor (Proximity Sensor & Photoelectric Sensor) Today plchmiservo.com would like to share [Download] PanelDesigner CONCH HMI Software with you and your friends Also share how to download the PanelDesigner Software and install it.

Supported Model of CONCH HMI Software

PanelDesigner CONCH HMI Software Supports CONCH All series HMI, Such as

  • HM-651S
  • HM-651A
  • HM-650S
  • HM-670S
  • HM-680S
  • HM-730S
  • HM-740S, HM-740A
  • HM-750S, HM-750A
  • HM-770S, HM-770A
  • HM-780S, HM-780A
  • HM-782S, HM-782A
  • HM-57G, HM-57C, HM-57H

Supported Windows of PanelDesigner

CONCH HMI Software is Windows-based Programming software so this
software supports
+Microsoft WinXP
+Microsoft Win7-32 bits &64 bit
+Microsoft Win8-32 bits &64 bit

+Microsoft WIN8.1-32 bits &64 bit

+Microsoft WIN10-32 bits &64 bit

+Microsoft Win11-32 bits &64 bit

Setup Process of Panel Designer CONCH HMI Software

First of all download the PanelDesigner Programming Software of CONCH HMI
then Extract the Software.
+Step 01: After Unpack the software then double click on Setup and Click on

+Step 02: Then Select everyone and click on “Next”

+Step 03: Click on Next to start the Installation of PanelDesigner Software and
Wait for Installation

+Step 04: Then Install the Device Driver of PanelDesigner Software for the
communication of CONCH HMI, So Click on Next and click on Install, and Click
on finish

+Step 05: After successfully installing the Software PanelDesigner CONCH HMI,
Then click on Close.

After the Programming and Simulation system of PanelDeginer CONCH HMI

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+ [Download] PanelDesigner CONCH HMI Software

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CONCH HMI Manual Download Link

+ [Download] PanelDesigner “CONCH HMI” Manual Link

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