[Download] XBuilder_V1.22 “View-X” HMI Software Free 100% Real

The xBuilder_Ver 1.22 is the screen editor software for ViewX Text Display (HMI). This software was developed by VX Technology Inc. This company is the HMI and Software Development Company.

Supported ‘Model’ of ‘ViewX’ Text HMIs

  • T300 Series
  • POM12864A Series

Software XBuilder Supportd OS

This software supports WinXP/7/8/8.1/10

Software “Setup process” of  View-X Text HMI V1.22

+ST01: Unpack & Double click the xBuilder 1.22 then yes

 +ST02: Welcome XBuilder Setup Wizard & Click on Next

+ST03: Then Destination Folder Select and Next

+ST04: Select ‘Manu folder’ or Next

+ST05: Then> Next

+ST06: Ready to install X Builder Version1.22 Software, click on Install

+ST07: After installing the software then click >Finish

[Download] XBuilder_V1.22 View-X HMI Software

***Download Link:


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