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Hi Everyone, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd was founded in 1923 in Tokyo Japan. Fuji Electric Brand name is FE, The Fuji Electric Co., Ltd is the Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment Company,  Also Manufacture Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives, Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives, Servo Drives, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Motors, Generators, Flow Meter, Pressure Transmitter, Pumps, Power types of equipment, Instrumentation, etc. Fuji is the High Powerful and Best Performance Product and Fuji products are widely used in various sectors. So Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] Fuji Drive Manual Fuji All VFD Programming Manual with you, also how to download the Fuji Frenic Mini-Series, Frenic Multi Series, Frenic Eco Series, Frenic Mini C2 Series, Frenic Ace Series, Frenic VG Series, Fuji Frenic 5000 VG7S Series VFD, Fuji Frenic Mega Series VFD User manual, and How to setup the Frenic Mini-Series inverter and How to Program by using it manually

Description of Programming Parameter of FRENIC Mini Series VFD:

At first, see this parameter Function codes carefully then set the parameter step by step

F Codes-F00 to F51 –Fundamental Functions-Used to set the Basic Motor Running parameters’

E Codes-E01 to E99 –External Terminal Functions-Used to set the control circuit Terminal

C Codes-C01-C99 –”Control Functions” of Frequency-To be used to set the “Application Function” Related to the frequency setting

P Codes-P02 to P99 –Motor 1 Parameter-Used to set the Motor Parameters

H Codes-H03 to P98 –High Performance Functions-Used to set the High & Complicated Functions

A Codes-A01 to A52 –Motor 2 Parameter-Used to set the Motor 2 Parameters for the motor capacity

J Codes-J01 to J72 –Application Functions-Used to set the PID Control Functions

Y Codes-y03 to y99 –Link Functions-Used to set All Communication Functions parameter

How to set the Fuji FRENIC Mini VFD Parameter

For Reset All Parameter

H03: Data Initialization/Reset Parameters

1: Set 1 Then Initialize/Clear All Function Codes

2: Initialize Motor 1 Parameter

3: Initialize Motor 2 Parameter

F00: Data Protection

0: You can be Data edited

1: You cannot be Data edited.

F01: Frequency Commend

0:UP/Down Keys on Keypad (Keypad Mode)

1: Voltage Input to Terminal (External Mode)

4: Built-in (Keypad) Potentiometer

F02: Operation/Run Command

0: Run/Stop Keys on Keypad (FWD/REV)

1: External Terminal Mode (FWD/REV)

F03: Maximum Frequency (25-400HZ) for Example 50HZ/60HZ

F04: Base Frequency-Example 50HZ or 60HZ

F05: Rated Voltage Example 220V/440V

F06: Maximum output Voltage-Example 440V

F07-Acceleration Time 1 (0-3600 Second)-(10Second, 15 Second, 20 etc)

F08-Deceleration Time 1 (0-3600 Second)-(10Second/ 20 second/30S etc)

F11: Rated Current-Depend on Motor

F15: Frequency Limit High (0-400HZ)-For Example 50HZ/60HZ/70HZ/80HZ etc

F16: Frequency Limit Low (0-400HZ)-HZ 0

E01-Terminal [X1] function-0 (1000): Selection Multi-Step Frequency (SS1)

E02-Terminal [X2] function-1 (1001): Selection Multi-Step Frequency (SS2)

E03-Terminal [X3] function-2 (1002): Selection Multi-Step Frequency (SS4)

For JOG Frequency

C20– Jogging Frequency-10HZ, 15HZ, 20HZ, 30HZ, etc

For Multi-Function

Multistage Frequency Setting

C05: -Multistep Frequency 1- Example-10Hz

C06: – Multistep Frequency 2- Example-15Hz

C07: – Multistep Frequency 3-Example-25Hz

C08: – Multistep Frequency 4-Example-40Hz

C09: – Multistep Frequency 5-Example-50Hz


C19: – Multistep Frequency 15- Example-100Hz

>>> [Download] Fuji Drive Manual Fuji All VFD Programming Manual FRENIC All Series >>>

We have given the Fuji Inverter Manual Google drive link, so click on the link to download the required manual.

>>Fuji FRENIC Mini Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC Mini Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A9-boYnF0TbFUWSTWh8MZf9nk_esma2a/view?usp=sharing

>>Fuji FRENIC Eco Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC Eco Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FI1wZwNQ3wgtFUZFaURPfI0Lrjqw_mg/view?usp=sharing

>> Frenic Mini C2 Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji Frenic Mini C2 Series PDF VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nmb2HQcb_gDKhR9JOdcwQAA3vcJxOAqt/view?usp=sharing

>> Frenic Ace Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji Frenic Ace Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13lHfdnZDUNTBrO9EO607N-w_oN2mUnBk/view?usp=sharing

>>Fuji Frenic VG Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC VG Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tnf8Vb37g1wCXEugO-h3op4POFujye04/view?usp=sharing

>>Fuji Frenic 5000 VG7S Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC 5000 VG7S Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pk6J4A6OhEb23NLu2-teEOVXOQPOaZ74/view?usp=sharing

>>Fuji Frenic Mega Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC MEGA Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BF2hNh-amaw10i1MvNh96FeNBY-9Db__/view?usp=sharing

>>Fuji Frenic MULTI  Series PDF

+ [Download] Fuji FRENIC MULTI Series VFD Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ylfr0SziPtlqStVHPQtl_Q3r6N0F5d4N/view?usp=sharing

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