[Download] MCGS HMI Manual-MCGS HMI to All PLC Connection Manual

Although MCGS Chinese Brand Quality and performance are better than other HMIs.

 MCGS HMI how to interface with S7200, Mitsubishi & Omron PLC, and Others PLC, So plchmiservo.com want to share with you the MCGS User Manual, Also this manual will be completely helpful for programmers.

Connecting ‘Cable’ Diagram

>>>01: MCGS HMI to Siemens S7-200/Omron/ PLC Cable connecting Diagram

>>>02: MCGS HMI to Mitsubishi FX Series PLC Cable connecting picture

All the above diagrams are ok. You can solder cables According to the diagram, and you can minimize your cost.

>>>>”PDF Download”

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>>>>MCGS HMI Cable connecting Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xl5VBMCy9EU7nZB0d6k75QRdRLiZwCiJ/view?usp=sharing