[Download] TouchWin Edit Tool V2.99 “Xinje/Touchwin” HMI Software Free Download Real

TouchWin V2.99 is Screen Design Software of Xinje HMI. This software has many Functions. TouchWin HMI supports most PLC, Inverters, and Servo, and this HMI is made in China. Touchwin HMI Price is very acceptable. Supported windows of TouchWin Edit tools V2.99 Microsoft Windows-XP/7/8/and Windows 10. However, today I would like to share the Touchwin HMI Software [Download] Touchwin Edit tool Software Download-Xinje Software also how to download and install XINJE HMI Software, and How to XINJE HMI Programming.

Supported Model and Series of XINJE HMI Software:

TouchWin V2.99 Supports only TP60/OP60/MP60/TW60 Series.

Setup Process of TouchWin Edit tools_V2.99 Xinje HMI Software:

Xinje HMI Software Download from our website plchmiservo.com

  • Then Double Click TouchWin English V2.99 Then Double Click Setup.exe and click Yes.

Welcome to the TouchWinv2.99SetupWizard Click Next.

Click I accept the Agreement and Click Next.

Edit The User Name:plchmiservo.com, Organization Name: plchmiservo.com, Serial Number: Thinget TouchWin

To Continue Click Next.

Click Next. And Continue.

Install to Continue so Click Install and Wait For Final Installing.

Click Finish When Software Successfully Installs.

How to Create Project and Programming by using Xinje HMI Software:

  • Open The Software TouchWinV2.99 Edit Tool
  • Then Click File and ClickNew.

Select HMI Series Select HMI Model and Click Next.

Select the PLC Device.

Select Port Download Device and Click Next.

Edit the Project Name and Click Finish

Increase the Screen Resolution select 350 or etc shown in the figure

Edit the Program After Programing. Shown as in Figure,

How to Cable/PortCheck:

  • Go to Tool and Click Option.

Then select the port number and click OK.

How to Program Upload and Download System:


Click the Download Icon Shown in Figure.


Click the Upload Icon shown in Figure

Programming Cable:

For Program Upload/Download we need to USB-RS232 Converter Also DriverforTP Series HMI Programming Cable Shown in Figure and Make the Cable.

Xinje HMI Software Download Google Drive Link:

We have given the [Download] Touchwin Edit tool Software Download-Xinje Software google drive link, so click on the link to download the required file.

TouchWin Edit Tool V2.99:


Touchwin v2.d3k Software Download Google Drive Link


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