[Programming Cable] DVP Delta PLC to PC Communication Cable Pin Diagram

Older DVP Series Delta PLC has no USB and Ethernet Port, But has RS232 Port, Emergency case if you want to interface with DVP Series PLC to a PC Must be Used RS232 port. However today I would like to share the [DIY/CABLE] Delta PLC to PC Communication-Cable Diagram of Delta PLC in this section also How to Make the delta PLC cable and make it properly, also how to download and see the delta PLC to PC Communication cable diagram. If you do not have this cable, we can easily make it. So we cannot wait to buy a DVP-ACAB230 cable, for the communication of PLC.

So Today plchmiservo.com would guide you on How to Make a PLC RS232 Programming Cable (ACAB230) or “Delta PLC to HMI Communication Cable Pin Diagram”

Now Modern Delta some PLC e.g. SE/PM/MC etc Has Ethernet and USB Port.

Cable Making Preparation of [DIY/CABLE] Delta PLC to PC Communication-Cable Diagram

  •  DB9-Female Port With CAP  to Your Computer


+Mini-Din 8 to Delta DVP PLC “RS-232 Port”

  +Soldering Iron Used for Soldering the Cable

+After Making the Cable we need to check so Need a Multimeter

Making Cable Procedure

According to the cable diagram Properly Solder by using a torchlight, soldering iron, and meter.

After Making the cable you will check the PLC Cable and Communication with PLC. plchmiservo.com tried to make an RS-232 Delta PLC to PC Communication Cable, I think that you will succeed and be able to work.

Thanks, guys!