[Download] ViewX-V1.36 ViewX HMI Software Free Real (Google Drive)

Vx Technology Inc was established in 2002. It is one of the HMI companies in the world. This Company produces many types of Text & Touch Color Human Machine interfaces (HMI) & Development the Software. ViewX HMI used to Small & Medium Machines

Although ViewX is a Chinese HMI but The major advantage of ViewX Products such as Humanity, high Efficiency, Durable & low price

ViewX_Ver. 1.36.06 is used to program ViewX Touch Screen (HMI).

Supported Model of View-X HMIs

RT1024/RT800, VX1000T, VX1000TN, VX1100T, VX1100TN, VX1200T, VX1200TN, VX301, VX301C, VX360T, VX360TN, VX500, VX501, VX550, VX560T, VX570T, VX760T, VX760TN, VX761TN, VX761T, VX900, VX901

Operating System of View-X HMI Software

  • Microsoft Windows: XP
  • Windows:7
  • Windows :8
  • Windows :8.1
  • Windows:10

Software Setup process of “ViewX” HMI_V1.36

+ST01: Unpack the HMI software then click on ViewX1.3606 then “Yes”

 +ST02: Details of User Information then Click >Next

+ST03: Select “Destination Location” or Next

+ST04: ViewX Software ready to install so click on Install

+ST05: Then Click ‘Finish’

+ST06: After Setup if you change the language shown as picture


**** Download Google Drive Link.

+ [Download] ViewX_V1.36 .06 ViewX HMI Software

***Download Link:


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