[Download] Inovance it6000 User Manual “Inovance HMI to All PLC” Connection Guide

INOVANCE produces Small/medium Sizes PLCs, HMIs, and Ac Drive & Motors. Human Machine Interface Inovance is a Durable and satisfactory Performance HMI. Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the manual Inovance it6000 User Manual and how to make Inovance it6000 Series HMI-All PLC Connection/Communication Cable.

Features of IT Series HMI

  • 24-Bit Color Display
  • Three Size Models   (4.3 inches, 7 Inch, and 10.1 Inch),
  • Supported Eight Text Languages.
  • Received Data Export & Import,
  • 3 Serial Ports and One Ethernet port, USB/Mouse Keyboard/Printer
  • On/Off Line Simulation
  • Communication RS232/485/422, Modbus RTU/TCP
  • High-Security Protection.

Communication Diagram

+01: Siemens PLC S7-200 to-Inovance HMI


+03: Inovance PLC H1U/2U- -HMI

+04: Omron PLC RS232 >Inovance HMI

+05: Fatek FB/Facon-Inovance Touch Screen

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>>>>Inovance it6000 User Manual “HMI-All PLC” Connection Guide  

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