[Download] VFD EL W manual PDF

[Download] Delta VFD-EL-W manual PDF Free

Delta or Delta Electronics is the manufacturer, sales, and solution provider company in the world. and it was founded in 1971 in Xinzhuang Town, Taipei County, Taiwan. Delta is a very popular Brand, Delta produces various types of Automation products, such as PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, Temperature controllers & Sensors, Delta Manufactured various types of VFD Series, such as Delta M, B, Series, and E Series, EL Series, C Series, CP Series, etc., Delta’s VFD-EL-W series is the new generation Variable frequency drive (VFD) of Delta Family. The Delta VFD EL-W is a Compact Vector Control Drive. Simple design and delicate, also durable drives. If you want to Delta VFD EL-W and install & Programming, also troubleshoot the Delta VFD EL-W Series VFD Then you have to read the manual properly, otherwise, you can die or Face a serious accident. However, today I Would like to share the [Download] VFD EL W manual PDF with you also How to Download the manual & How to Programming and Installed delta VFD EL W VFD, Also How to find out delta VFD Faults and solutions. The wiring diagram of the EL W Series VFD

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For Three phase wiring diagram

Some features of Delta VFD EL W Series

+Simple, compact and Smart design, and durable

+It has a very essential function Multiple speed Operation functions and control modes such as Panel/keypad Mode, External Mode, and RS485 MODBUS Communication Mode.

+ It has multi-pump control functions such as PID Control.

+Delta VFD EL W VFD has built-in high protection systems such as Over Voltage, Under Voltage/ Log Voltage, over current, Over torque, Over Heat, and Phase loss protection systems.

Application of VFD EL W Series Delta

+ It is used to operate Banding Machine

+ Delta EL W series VFD used to conveyor Operate.

+ It is used to Operate material handling types of equipment.

+It is used for a Constant pressure pump.

Delta VFD EL W programming

Users can edit the parameter by using the Delta VFD EL W Manual, First of all, you have to download the Delta EL W Series manual from our website or delta electronics’ official website then extract the manual and read it carefully, otherwise, you will cannot programming or will not troubleshooting.

If you set the wrong parameter in VFD then you can face the problem, Even, may be damaged your VFD and Motor. So, before installing the VFD then you have to read the manual.

Delta VFD EL W Parameters:

We have described below some parameters of the Delta VFD EL W series. The Delta VFD EL W Series parameters are divided into Eleven (11) groups property for easy setting. 00: User Parameters, 01: Basic Parameters, 02: Operation method Parameters, 03: Output Function Parameters, 04: Input function parameters, 05: Multi-Step Speed Parameters, 06: Protection Parameters, 07: Motor Parameters, 08: Special Parameters, 09: Communication Parameters, 10: PID Control Parameters

+Pr.00-02: Reset parameter- Default has value 0 because it is the Read-write Function, if have 1 you cannot write the parameter if set have 8 then you cannot edit the parameter.  If you want to reset All parameters then you have to set the value 9 then the VFD all parameters will be reset.

+Pr.00-10: Control Method: 0 Variable frequency Control & 1 Vector Frequency control, but default have set 0.

+Pr.01-00: Max. Operation Frequency- Default 60/50 HZ but You can set (50.00-400.0 HZ)

+Pr.01-01: Motor Rated Frequency– Default set 60/50 but range (0.10-400.00HZ)

+ Pr.01-02: Motor Rated Voltage– Default set for single phase 220/230V (Range 0.1-255V), For 3 phase 380-400V (0.1-510V)

Pr.01-07: Output Frequency Upper limit– Default set 110 but range (0.10-120.0%HZ)

+Pr.01-09: Acceleration time 1- default set 10 Sec, but you can set 20 sec or above range (0.1-600sec)

+Pr. 01-10: Deceleration time 1- default set10 Sec, but you can set 15, 20 sec or above range (0.1-600sec)

+Pr.01-13: Jog Acceleration time – default10 Sec, but you can set above Value range (0.1-600sec)

+Pr. 01-14: Jog Deceleration time – default have set10 Sec, but you can set 10 sec, 15sec, 20 sec or above, but maximum (0.1-600sec)

+Pr. 01-15: Jog Frequency Setting-Default set 6.00 Hz, Range 0-400.00 HZ

+Pr.02-00: Master frequency commend Source- set 0 Digital Keypad input or external terminals (Up/Down) Functions, for Modbus set 3, if set 4 Digital keypad potentiometer Knob, for analog voltage (0-10V) set 1, For Analog current (4-20mA) set 2

+Pr.02-01: Operation commends Source- set 0 Digital Keypad, you can set another Option to see the manual.

+Pr.02-04: Motor Direction- set 0 Reverse to enable, you can set another Option to see the manual.

For Multi-function for VFD EL W Delta

+Pr. 04-04: MI Terminal Start/Stop Method andMulti-Function input selection (MI)- set 0 MI Actives for forward (FWD) Mode/ stop, you can set Two wires and three wires more so see the manual details.

+Pr. 04-06: Start/Stop Multi-Function input comment 1 (MI2)- set 1 for Multistep speed commend 1

+Pr. 04-07: Multi-Function input comment 2 (MI34)- set 2 for Multistep speed commend 2

+Pr. 04-08: Multi-Function input comment 3 (MI4)- set 3 for Multistep speed commend 3

+Pr. 04-06/07/08: multi-Function input comment any terminal such as MI1, MI2, MI3 then you can set the frequency, but default set 6.00 Hz Jog Frequency

07 group Motor Parameter of the Delta EL W VFD:

+Pr. 07-00-Motor Rated Current-

+ Pr. 07-04- Motor Parameter Auto Tuning- default set 0

+ Pr. 07-04- Motor Rated slip-00HZ-20HZ- Default set 3.00

MODBUS Parameter of Delta VFD EL W Series

+Pr.09-00-Communication Address- Setting range (1-254), recommended set 1

+Pr.09-01-Communication Transmission Speed- Baud rate 9600 bps-set 1

+Pr.09-04-Communication Protocol- see the manual default set 0

Delta VFD Fault codes

The delta VFD has many fault codes, Such as Over Current, Over Voltage, Low voltage, over current, Overheating, overload, over-current during acceleration, over current during deceleration, External Faults, communication faults, wiring detection faults, etc.

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+[Download] Delta VFD-EL-W manual PDF and delta MODBUS Parameters

+Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITrZxFbtzOBOjB3aeaU9Xo8zV4YvwDs0/view?usp=share_link

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