[Download] Xinje PLC Software Download XDPPro V3.5 100% Real (Google Drive)

The Software Xinje XDPPro_Version 3.5.1 is used to program for XINJE XD and E Series PLC. The XD3 PLC supports two kinds of Programming language such as Instruction List and Ladder Chart (LD). Also, This PLC has High Protection Systems and Enough Instructions from Basic to Advanced. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Xinje PLC Software Download XDPPro-V3.5 Also how to download the XDPPro Software and install the system.

+Xinje latest PLC Programming Softwarew XDPPro V3.7.17b

+Xinje TouchWIN HMI Latest Software

Software “Supported” OS of XDPPro-V3.5

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • MS Win7
  • MS Win8
  • MS Win8.1
  • MS Windows 10

Supported Model and Series XDPPro

This Software Support only for Xinje CAM/ RC2/ RC3/ XD2/ XD3/ XD5/ XD6/ XDC/ XDE/ XDM/ XG1/ XL3/ XE2/ XE3/ XE5/ XE6/ XEC/ XEE/ XEM Series

Setup Process of XINJE PLC Software Download XDPPro_Ver3.5.1:

Download the software XINJE PLC Software XDPPro from our website

+Step 01: Then Double Click XDPPro_3.5.1_en.exe and click Yes.

+Step 02:  Welcome to the XINJE PLC Program tool Setup Wizard Click Next.

+Step 03: Select Destination Location and Click Next.

+Step 04:  To continue Click next if you like to select a different folder click Browse and Select.

+Step 05: Ready to install Begin installing Xinje PLC Program Tools and wait for installation click Install.

+Step 06: Completing the Xinje PLC Program Tools then Click Finish.

After Setup is shown in Figure

Second Step: When Successfully Installing XDPPro V3.5.1 then you have to Install XNetSetup_en_exe, Go to the XNetSetup_en_exe, and Double Click and Click Yes.

+Step 07:  Select Destination Location and Click Next.

+Step 08:  Select Start Manu Folder and Click Next.

+Step 09:  Click a Quick Launch Shortcut

+Step 10:  Ready install to begin the installation of XINJE Config on your Computer.

+Step 11: Welcome to the SLabVirtualCOMSetup Wizard Click Next.

+Step 12: Choose the [destination location] or Click on Next.

+Step 15: Then Click Install and waits for installation.

+Step 16: Click “Finish”

+Step 17: Completing the XINJEConfig Setup Wizard click finish.

How to Program Upload and Download by using Xinje PLC Software Download System:


Go to Online and Click Download Program and Data or Download the Program Shown in Figure.


Go to Online Click Upload Program or Upload the Program Shown in the figure.


Programming Cable

For Program Upload/Download we need to USB-XC XINJE XC1/ XC2/ XC3/ XC5/ XD / XE Series PLC Programming Cable.

Or Delta PLC Programming Cable ACAB230.

>>>> Xinje PLC Software Download XDPPro-V3.5Download Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] Xinje PLC Software Download XDPPro-V3.5 google drive link So please click on the download link and install the XDPPro V3.5 software.

+ [Download] Xinje “XDPPro_V3.5.1” Xinje PLC Software

Download Link


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