[DIY/Cable] NT Series-HMI Omron Programming Cable Diagram

Omron Newer HMI NB Series has Ethernet and USB ports and We Can easily upload and Download/Programming Troubleshooting the NB Series HMI. Older NT Series HMI Has Only (DB9) RS232 port, but no ethernet, or USB Port. It is very difficult to find these programming cables in the market for purchase.

We can easily make this Cable by using One DB9 male and one DB9 Female port.

Therefore plchmiservo.com would guide you on how to make HMI NT Series-(RS-232) Programming Cable.

Need Preparation for Cable Making

+01: DB9- Male for HMI /RS232 Port  

+02: DB9-Female for PC

+03: Better Quality “Digital Multi-meter” and ‘Soldering Iron’

Making Procedure

>>>> Solder the cable according to the programming cable diagram and try to program Upload and download the program.

Real Picture after making NT series HMI programming cable