[Download] SATOOL 6.1 & SamDraw_V5.0 “Samkoon HMI Software”

Samkoon SamDraw Version 5.0 & SATOOL V6.1 is the Programming software for samkoon SA/EA Series HMI. Samkoon HMI Programming is very easy and Used Varous Sectors.

Samkoon SamDraw V5.0 Supported Models

SA-121A, SA-104A, SA-104B, SA-102A, SA-102B,  SA-8A, SA-8B, SA-7 A/B, SA-057A, SA-057B,SA-057C, SA-043A,  SA-035A,  SA-043A,  SA-4A, SA-5A, SA-072A, SA-5B,  EA-070B, EA-070B, EA-043A, EA-035A, EA-8C

SATOOL V6.1 Supported Models

SA-121F, SA-104F, SA-104H, SA-102F, SA-104H, SA-080F, SA-080H, SA-057F, SA-057H,  SA-070F, SA-057I, SA-043F, SA-035F, SA-040F, SA-050F, SA-072F, EA-070B/M/C, EA-043A/M/C, EA-035A_T, GC-050-32MAI-C,

GC-043-16M/16M2AI/16M4AI-C, GC-070-32MAA-C, GC-070-24MAI-C,


Software “Setup” System:

Download the software and Extract the File

+S1: Double Click “Setup_5A_5.0” & click Yes.

+S 2: Then Select Language & Click OK.

+S3: Welcome to the SamDraw5.0 Setup Wizard Click “Next”.

+S4: Select I accept the agreement & Click Next.

+S5:  Click “Next” or where we install SamDraw5.0 selects another Drive.

+S6: To continue Click ‘Next’

+S7: Create a Desktop Icon So Click Next

+S8:When Software Setup is complete then Click Finish.

Smkoon HMI Program Upload/Download System


>Go to the Download then click the “USB download (D)”

>>Click the “Download” and wait for Downloading the program..


>Go to the Download (D) then Click “Upload”.

>Then Type project name and click the “Upload”

 Default Password…

+ [Download] SamDraw_V5.0 “Samkoon HMI Software”


+ [Download] SATOOL_V6.1 “Samkoon” HMI Software


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