[Download] SATOOL 6.1 & SamDraw_V5.0 “Samkoon HMI Software”

Samkoon SamDraw Version 5.0 & SATOOL V6.1 is the Programming software for samkoon SA/EA Series HMI. Samkoon HMI Programming is very easy and Used in Various Sectors. However, today I would like to share the [Download] SATool V6.1 & SamDraw V5.0 Samkoon HMI Software with you, also how to download and install the Samkoon HMI Software, also how to program upload and download by using this software.

Samkoon SamDraw V5.0 Supported Models

Samkoon Draw Software supports the following models

SA-121A, SA-104A, SA-104B, SA-102A, SA-102B,  SA-8A, SA-8B, SA-7 A/B, SA-057A, SA-057B,SA-057C, SA-043A,  SA-035A,  SA-043A,  SA-4A, SA-5A, SA-072A, SA-5B,  EA-070B, EA-070B, EA-043A, EA-035A, EA-8C

SATOOL V6.1 Supported Models of samkoon HMI Software

SA-121F, SA-104F, SA-104H, SA-102F, SA-104H, SA-080F, SA-080H, SA-057F, SA-057H,  SA-070F, SA-057I, SA-043F, SA-035F, SA-040F, SA-050F, SA-072F, EA-070B/M/C, EA-043A/M/C, EA-035A_T, GC-050-32MAI-C,

GC-043-16M/16M2AI/16M4AI-C, GC-070-32MAA-C, GC-070-24MAI-C,


Software “Setup” System:

Download the software and Extract the File

+S1: Double Click “Setup_5A_5.0” & click Yes.

+S 2: Then Select Language & Click OK.

+S3: Welcome to the SamDraw5.0 Setup Wizard Click “Next”.

+S4: Select I accept the agreement & Click Next.

+S5:  Click “Next” or where we install SamDraw5.0 selects another Drive.

+S6: To continue Click ‘Next’

+S7: Create a Desktop Icon So Click Next

+S8:When Software Setup is complete then Click Finish.

Smkoon HMI Program Upload/Download System


>Go to the Download then click the “USB download (D)”

>>Click the “Download” and wait for Downloading the program.


>Go to the Download (D) then Click “Upload”.

>Then Type project name and click the “Upload”

 Default Password…

We have given the [Download] SATool V6.1 & SamDraw V5.0 Samkoon HMI Software google drive link, so click on the link to download the required software.

+ [Download] SamDraw_V5.0 “Samkoon HMI Software”


+ [Download] SATOOL_V6.1 “Samkoon” HMI Software


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