[Download] Samkoon Software Download SAMSOARII V2.2 “Samkoon PLC” Software

SAMSOARII is the specialized Ladder diagram program editing software of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This software Developed by Shenzhen Samkoon Technology Co., Ltd. Samkoon SAMSOARII Software Can Accurately and Quickly Program Editing Help for you. Users can easily add the Networks, Subprograms, and Functions According to needs Also This software supports C language Function Block. SAMSOARII Samkoon Software has three editing modes e.g. Writing, Comment, and Monitor. For Program Upload & Download this software supports USB and Serial Ports.

SAMSOARII Software supports Microsoft Windows XP, or New System Released Operating Systems e.g.

+Microsoft Windows -7

+Microsoft Windows -8

+Microsoft Windows -8.1

And MS Windows -10

SAMSOARII Supported Model

FGs_32MR_A, FGs_32MT_A, FGs_16MR_A, FGs_16MT_A, FGs_64MR_A, FGs_64MT_A, FGm_64MT_A, FGs_32MR_A, FGRB_C8*8T, FGRS_C8*8T

Setup Process of SAMSOARII:

+01: Download the Software our website plchmiservo.com and unzip the Software and Double Click on SAMSOARII & Click Yes

+02: Click on Next.

+03: Select the Destination Location and Click next two times

+04: Click ‘Next’

+05: Ready to install the software so click on Install

+06: Then Install the Driver so click on Next>> two times

+07: Click Finish after Installation completed the software then click again Finish

After software setup and when open, the software and Programming Shown As Figure

SAMSOARII Program Upload/ Download System


After Program Editing then Compile the program and Go to the Tool then Click on Download

Select the Cable if you select Com then set the Comport, Go to Manual and Set the port number

After set, the port click on Yes then Click Communication Test When Communication Test is Properly done then click on Download


Open the software SAMSOARII then click on Upload

Then set the Cable Step by step and Click on Upload

For Software Download/installation or Software link not found please Contact plchmisero.com, I will feedback to you as soon as possible.

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+ [Download] Samkoon PLC Software