[Download] DVP28SV Manual & DVP 28SV Wiring Diagram Free Download PDF

The Delta DVP-28SV Programmable Logic Controller is the High Quality and High-Performance Programmable Logic Controller in the Delta Electronics. However, today plchmiservo.com going to show the [Download] DVP28SV Manual DVP 28SV Wiring Diagram, also how to download the Manual DVP 28SV Wiring Diagram, if you read it properly then you can work big project completely without any hesitation. If you want to program DVP28SV PLC Then you Download the WPL Soft of Delta ISP Soft.

Delta DVP28SV Programmable Logic Controller has 28 points 16 digital inputs and 12 Digital outputs and Various Instructions with 16 steps of program memory.

Today plchmiservo.com would like to share Manual with you.

Description of DVP28SV PLC

First of all read carefully manual , we will describe Delta DVP28SV Programmable Logic Controller some features and specifications below.

+ DVP28SV Programmable Logic Controller Has 200KHZ 4 Sets High-speed pulse output

+ The DVP28SV Programmable Logic Controller Supports a Maximum 4 High Speed 200 KHZ Counter

+Supports SA/SS/SX/SV/SC Series Extension Modules Including Maximum Digital Input and Output 512 points (DVP S series Left and Right side Module Supports.)

+High Programming Protection

+ DVP28SV Programmable Logic Controller small size and easy to install.

+ DVP28SV PLC offers linear and arc interpolation motion control, Also Supports Various Motions control Instructions

+4 Level Password protection systems, So This PLC is a high Protection System.

Electrical Specification of Delta DVP28SV Transistor Type PLC

+Power Supply Voltage:  24V DC (-15 ~ 20 %) With DC input Power protection

+ Input Number: 16 (Digital X0……..X7, X12, X13, X16…X17 Motion Level X10, X11, X14, X15

+Output Number: 12 (200KHZ Output Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y6) 10KHZ (Y5, Y7, Y10….Y13

+Inrush Current: Maximum 2.2A @ 24V DC

+Power Consumption: 6W

Wiring of the Delta DVP28SV PLC

Figure Relay and Transistor type DVP28SV PLC Connection Diagram

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+ [Download] manual & wiring Diagram

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